How good are your teeth? I ask this because I’ve come to discover that those silver fillings led to the most traumatic even in my adult hood. Like many of you, I have fillings. We’re meant to think that once these things are in our teeth, we don’t have to worry about them again.

We could not be more wrong.

Did you know that over time, depending on the temperature in our mouth, the moisture and natural wear and tear, those same filling will expand and retract, pulling away from the tooth and causing a small gap? It’s called ‘leaking’, and when a filling leaks, you can be in big trouble.

That’s what happened to me a few years back. I knew I had a tooth with a crack in it—a molar, the dentist told me and he was going to cap it, but funds wouldn’t allow it. Then, one day I bit into something and half of that molar was gone. I later learned the filling was the problem. It became weak from leaking and allowed a cavity to form underneath it. This weakened the structure of the tooth and hence the crack.

I really didn’t think anything of it. I’d been to a couple dentist since and nothing was really recommended. Back in September I was told it should come out because of the size of the cavity. I agreed, and, at the beginning of December I had it pulled.


One hour in the chair. I was awake the whole time. Not a good thing. I now know the sound a tooth makes when it’s snapped off from the jawbone. Something I will never forget.

Two bottles of painkillers.

One bottle of antibiotics.

Half an inch of jaw bone broke off with the tooth.

A hole in my sinus cavity due to the deep root.

My whole left cheek swollen for over almost a week.

Bruising on my cheek that went from my jaw bone to the top of my throat.

I couldn’t open my mouth any wider than a slice of bread for most of December.

Check your fillings, please. I don’t want anyone else to go through this.


About Darke Conteur
Darke Conteur is a writer at the mercy of her Muse. The author of stories in several genres, she prefers to create within the realms Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy. A pagan at heart, her personal goal it to find her balance within nature; exploring the dark through her stories and the light through her beliefs. When not writing or working with crystals, she enjoys knitting, gardening, cooking and very loud music.

10 Responses to The TRAUMATIC EVENT and a PSA

  1. This is awful, but thank you for sharing it. We heard a news report last night that more dental emergencies are showing up in hospital emergency rooms. This is because people are not having checkups or taking care of problems when they first occur. Like you, it’s usually because they don’t have the money for it.

    I’m curious: you live in Canada, which has a national health program. Is dental service not included in that?

  2. You don’t think about your teeth, or at least I didn’t. Dental care here isn’t like heath care, but, all dental places offer payment plans and some even charge a smaller fee if they know you’re not on a plan.

    I am now, rather anal about my teeth.

  3. Oh, it hurts me just to read your description. I’m so sorry. I just came from the dentist last week and got a clean bill of health, but your story is going to haunt me from now on and I will keep asking them to double check.

  4. CDNWMN says:

    wow, half my molar cracked off a couple months ago. i had it filled. it’s fine now . thank god……*shudders* that’s horrific. 😦

    • You can’t tell from the picture, but there’s a whole black part that takes up half the tooth area. I’d never heard of a filling leaking before. Now I’m paranoid about the others.

      • CDNWMN says:

        me too now thanks! yeesh….lol, and here they did offer to replace all my silver ones with new, but i hate needles….suddenly i’m having second thoughts. lol

      • Ugh, I hate needles too. I think that’s why I kept away from the dentist as much as I did.

  5. Owies!

    Time to talk to my dentist. I have about 4 of them suckers!

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