Story plots and how to get the most from yours; Part Three

Last week I posted four more story plots, and this week we’ll look at four more;

Click Here to review the first four:

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Now, onto this  week’s four.

9. Underdog

The underdog plot is a strong character plot that has the reader instantly sympathizing with the main character. Because our Hero does not have the advantage, he is expected to lose. He eventually wins but not before experiencing great determination and tenacity on his part. I call this a character plot because the reader watches the character grow and overcome the obstacles he needs in order to accomplish his goal.

10. Temptation

Mr. Tobias writes that for the Temptation plot; a person is tempted by something that, if taken, would somehow diminish them, often morally. Their battle is thus internal, fighting against their inner voices which tell them to succumb.

I think this would be a very hard, and very limiting main plot to use. Like  , I don’t think it could provide much of an interesting story, as the constant acknowledgement of the temptation would soon become irritating.

11. Metamorphosis

With this plot, the Hero is physically transformed into something else. It could be of another gender, or a creature; terrestrial or otherwise. The story then becomes about the changed person’s struggle in this new form. There are two inevitable outcomes for this plot; either the hero learns to accept this physical change and the life that comes with it, or succumb to the horror(?) of his transformation and ends his life, either by his own hand, or by the hand of another character.

12. Transformation

With Transformation, something has happened to change our hero in some way, and is often the direct result of some unexpected circumstance or event. There are setbacks our Hero must acknowledge and conquer but in the end, the character understand more of his inner self and strives to become something better.


Did you notice the common thread with these four? They all deal (more or less) with the inner growth of the character. Compared to the previous, these plots are more of a secondary plot, something the writer can explore as the story moves forward, rather than being the main focus.

Have you written a story with these plot elements?


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