Author Interview with Carolyn Arnold

As we come to the end of the hot season, I bring you an interview with author mystery author Carolyn Arnold. She has two mystery series (Madison Knight and Brandon Fisher, F.B.I), with her latest release LIFE SENTENCE (A Madison Knight prequel) released earlier this month.

So let’s begin…


Carolyn Arnold1. Let’s get to know you a bit. Where are you from, and what genre do you write?

I’m from Southwestern Ontario, and I primarily write in the mystery and thriller genre, although, I have dabbled in the romance side of things.


2. With all the risks and uncertainty around publishing, what was it that drew you to a career in writing?

I love writing, and I can’t imagine my life without it.


3. What things influence your writing? And have you ever written them into a story?

The simple answer is life, from everyday living to what I’m letting myself be entertained by.  As for writing these elements into a story, absolutely.  I believe that by incorporating nuisances pulled from real life, it adds a realistic dimension to any plot.  I don’t think an author can help but intersperse some of their life observations into their writing.


4. Now that you have a few books under your belt, what’s your take on the whole process? What was the hardest part for you? What was the easiest?

First of all, make sure the final product is edited and clean.  No exceptions.  Hire a professional editor (or more if you can afford it), and get beta readers. Don’t let your ego get in the way, but be open to constructive criticism, while at the same point don’t let anyone strip your voice from your writing.

Hardest part for me is always letting go.  I’m a real perfectionist, and while I know that no one, or no book is perfect, I still strive for it.

The easiest part is writing the first draft.  I love falling into the world of my characters.


5. Have you ever written a character that you dislike so much, you couldn’t write the story?

I honestly can’t remember meeting a character I’ve disliked to that extent.  Typically, it’s my characters who call out to me to tell their story. With that said, I do have antagonists that give me the creeps, but that goes with the genre.


6. What was something from real life that you put into a story?

Well, one aspect is Terry Grant (from the Madison Knight series). He has two beagles and the name for the one of them is Todd. My first “baby” was a beagle named Todd.


7. Was there any one influence that made you want to write?

If I had to pick one I’d say my characters.  They pulled me into their worlds and inspire me.


8. Is there a genre that you would like to write? Something you would find a challenge?

I’d love to write a political thriller.  In fact, I have started one but this genre will prove to be a challenge as I’m not a politically-minded person in real life. But the characters have come to me and want the story told.


9.What do you hope readers will find interesting about you stories?

I hope that readers find my mysteries and thrillers to be complicated and intriguing, and my desire is that they find my romantic drama, Hart’s Choice, to be inspirational.


10. Most writers have manuscripts that will never see the light of day. Do you have a few of those or will they eventually come out?

I’m actually working through my previously written manuscripts with plans to have them all published by spring/summer next year.  With that said, however, I’m hard at work on many more so I don’t think the “queue” will ever run dry.


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