Author Interview with David Pedersen

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For this month’s author interview, I bring you David Pederson. I love this guys author photo!


David Pedersen Knight Picture 1. Let’s get to know you a bit. Where are you from, and what genre do you write?

I was born in Racine, WI and raised in Kansas City, MO – so I have spent all of my life in the Midwest. I went back to Wisconsin for college, graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I originally went to UW for a degree in journalism and ended up with a degree in philosophy.

So far, I’ve written two fantasy novels, Angst and Buried in Angst. I really like the idea of following Michael Crichton’s footsteps and writing in multiple genres, but my first goal is to complete this series of Angst fantasy novels. I have a lot of other ideas, including some fun science fiction stories, but they are all completely dependent on the time I have to write.


2. With all the risks and uncertainty around publishing, what was it that drew you to a career in writing?

I would say it is more of a passion than a career at this point. I have a day job that helps feed my family, but when someone asks, “What do you do for a living?” my immediate response is, “I’m a writer.” I would love to do this full time, but it will be a slow transition. With my son in College and my daughter in High School, I have to keep the day job for now. The cost is that I write much slower than I’d like, and I struggle to keep up with my ideas.

The good news is that those ideas don’t seem to be in short supply, and have been flooding my brain since I was young. I started writing stories for myself in grade school, and can’t ever imagine stopping. Writing makes my bad days better, I feel ‘off’ if I don’t get to write, and I guarantee that my commute to work has a lot more dragons and monsters than most people.

I’m not writing for money, or fame. I simply have stories to tell, and I want to share them. Any risk in a writing career is mitigated because I’m really doing this for myself, and now the small audience of readers that find my books entertaining.


3. Now that you have a few books under your belt, what’s your take on the whole process? What was the hardest part for you? What was the easiest?

I don’t think there is any wrong way to write a novel. Whether you use a DOS text editor like George RR Martin, or Scrivener on your Mac, it’s really a matter of finding the process that best allows the story to flow as naturally as possible. But really, after only two books I find that I still have a lot to learn.

The greatest challenge for me is simply finding the time to write, and then guarding that time from distractions. I tend to write at home late at night when everyone is in bed, or I go to a coffee shop where nobody asks me to mow the lawn or fix their computer. I actually like public places where there is a lot of energy, but I can put on headphones to drown out the chatter.

I’ve recently started using Scrivener. I’ve had to change some habits, which is still a work in progress, but I believe it is gradually making me a more efficient writer. I really like how it allows me to organize ideas, sort chapters and move them around, and compile directly to different formats like mobi for kindle or epub for nook.

The easiest part is actually the story telling. When you get past the where, how, and when, the fun part is writing it, and watching all of the pieces come together. Not only does it feel good, almost a relief sometimes, but I even get emotional as I get involved in what my characters are going through.


4.Let’s talk a little about your latest project. What is the title and what is it about?

Drowning in Angst will be the third fantasy novel in this five book series. Angst, and his friends, have barely survived a horrific battle only to learn that almost every nation of Ehrde is under attack. While reeling from these events, they only have weeks left to find their friend Rose and save Unsel from an attack by the living element Water.

The dangers that Angst has been facing now threaten the entire world. Readers got a taste of it at the end of Buried in Angst, and now the story gets bigger in scope as it becomes clear what is really going on.

I’m having so much fun writing this! I’m working hard so the story continues to focus on Angst and his friends, making sure that other plot lines feed into the main story as it grows to affect more people and places. It’s going to be bigger, and more exciting, but still full of Angst.


5. Do you find it difficult to keep the plot consistent from book to book?

I’m finding that I have to be very careful with the third book. The first book was pretty straightforward, but my goal with the second book, Buried in Angst, was to expand the world and the dangers they faced. This meant bringing in more players, which I did at the end of the sequel in a big way. My challenge in writing Drowning in Angst is to continue those stories without letting them get out of control.

My goal is to keep everything busy enough to be exciting but still always keep the focus on the main characters. I’m cultivating several plot threads that come together in the fourth book, and then conclude in the fifth. I make a lot of notes, and frequently go back to the source material to ensure the story and characters are consistent. I keep reminding myself that this still about Angst and that everything else going on, eventually, needs to feed into the main story


6. Do you find inspiration writing in public places?

Definitely! I probably do half of my writing at the local book store / coffee shop. I listen to soundtracks so I can drown out the chatter, but find a certain energy being around people. I really like that. I also enjoy people watching, seeing how they interact with each other, or present themselves. It’s not uncommon for some nuances that I observe to make it into my writing.


7. As a reader, what are some things that attract you to a story?

Characters mean everything to me in a story. When I’m reluctant to finish a novel because I know I’ll miss the character, like you’re saying goodbye to a friend, those are my favorite! If I can relate to the character in some way, I’ll be pulled in pretty quick.


8. If you were given the opportunity to write a fan-fiction novel, who is the author you would choose, and what would be the book?

I don’t think I’d ever write fan-fiction, but I’ve considered tackling a Star Trek novel. I’m well versed in Trek and would enjoy writing an original series story.


9. Most writers have manuscripts that will never see the light of day. Do you have a few of those or will they eventually come out?

Some story ideas I’ve had have already been done, probably much better than I ever would. I’m actually glad someone tackled them. One idea was a computer virus that could kill people. I started writing this in the mid-90s and just didn’t enjoy how it was coming together. It was very Matrixy, and when Matrix came out, I set it aside. I also thought a clever, albeit controversial story idea was to clone Jesus, or someone, from a hair found in the shroud of Turin. My spin would have been a Peter Sellers Being There sort of story. Was it really him, or was it someone else? But, I’ve never read the bible and didn’t have the depth of knowledge required to do it justice.

My next project may actually be one that I’ve been sitting on since High School. It would still be Fantasy, but a bit different than my Angst series.


10. What do you hope readers will find interesting or unique about your story?

Angst is more or less a traditional hero story, but its most unique aspect is the age of the characters. This isn’t a coming of age story about 20-somethings, Angst and his friends are in their 40s. Rather than looking forward to a bright future, Angst was passed up for those adventures and really feels he was meant for something more. I think people of all ages can relate to this. There are also challenges middle-aged heroes may face that younger people could shake off. (I can’t imagine how long it would take for me to recover riding around on a horse all day.)



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