The Recipe Box: Chicken Parmesan

recipeboxThis is a nice recipe to make. It looks fancy and difficult to make, but it’s really easy. I do mine differently than most recipes, because I have to watch for my husband’s diet. None the less, it will still turn out wonderful. This recipe is for two. I use as many home-made ingredients as I can. The sauce in these pictures was made with tomatoes, green peppers, onions and herbs from our garden.


2 chicken breasts

3 teaspoons grated parmesan cheese

½ cup mozzarella cheese

1 cup Italian bread crumbs*

4 cups of spaghetti sauce

*Italian bread crumbs is just herbs and parmesan cheese mixed with the crumbs.IMG_20150218_181024


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. For even cooking, you should flatten the chicken as best as possible. Use a mallet or rolling pin to flatten. Bread chicken and place on cooking rack. For a good coating of crumbs, dip the chicken in an egg wash and then in the crumbs.

3. Put chicken in the oven and cook for 30 minutes.

4. Mix parmesan cheese and mozzeralla. I do this with my fingers to make sure it’s mixed good.

5. After 30 minutes, take the chicken out and spread sauce on top. Spread the cheese evenly on top and pop it back into the over for another 15 minutes.

6. Prepare spaghetti (or other side dish)

When the chicken is done, put some spaghetti on the plate, top with sauce and place a chicken on top. Serve.


About Darke Conteur
Darke Conteur is a writer at the mercy of her Muse. The author of stories in several genres, she prefers to create within the realms Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy. A pagan at heart, her personal goal it to find her balance within nature; exploring the dark through her stories and the light through her beliefs. When not writing or working with crystals, she enjoys knitting, gardening, cooking and very loud music.

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