From The Garden: The Start of a New Season

It’s that time again folks! Garden season!


This year I’m doing a container garden. The ground here doesn’t have much in the way of earth and a raised garden is too expensive and time consuming to construct right now. I found a site called The Seed Guy [visit The Seed Guy Web Site ] that has the information on the size of containers I’d need. Looking over the page made me think that I could do a huge container garden. Just put it in the right amount of light and off I go. So, I’m hoping to do bi-weekly updates on this project to keep me accountable.


This is the back yard. A bit of a mess right now, but as the leaves fill out, it will go bright sun on the far left to shade on the far right. I originally wanted to do tomatoes (2), green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, radishes and a squash, but I found a bunch of containers in the basement and garage that my mom wasn’t planning to use so I might be able to do more. I also found some bamboo poles and I thought about making a trellis for peas or beans, although I might be getting ahead of myself.


This is the front flower garden. We’ve pulled up the majority of that black weed-resistant material and my mother wants to put in mulch or something else that isn’t such a pain in the ass to work around.


I call this the half-moon garden. She wants all this dug up this year and put in a butterfly garden. She ordered the new plants online and should come sometime this month.

Anyway, that’s our plan for the season. Are you gardening this year?


About Darke Conteur
Darke Conteur is a writer at the mercy of her Muse. The author of stories in several genres, she prefers to create within the realms Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy. A pagan at heart, her personal goal it to find her balance within nature; exploring the dark through her stories and the light through her beliefs. When not writing or working with crystals, she enjoys knitting, gardening, cooking and very loud music.

2 Responses to From The Garden: The Start of a New Season

  1. mariazannini says:

    You know I’m gardening! LOL!
    You gave me a great idea for a future post too. I’ve made gardens from all sorts of containers. I’ll be sure to give you credit for the idea. 🙂

    I love your half moon garden. We are getting tons of hummingbirds now, but I’d like to plant some hummingbird friendly flowers for them.

    • Everytime I think about gardening, you always come to mind. I’m always telling people that I know a woman in Texas who gardens all year long, and they’re facinated with the things you grow during winter. 😀 This will be an interesting experiment for me. I want to do so many different veggies! It’s hard trying to eat healthy.

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