A Company of Writers: Writing Tools and Programs

There are many useful tools and programs that writers can use, and in this post I’ll take a look at ones for writing, script writing, and comics, as well as other useful tools.  When I first started writing, my computer came with a Word Processing program but as I ventured into the publishing sphere, I quickly learned that it was limiting software. Since then, many new programs have been created with three coming out on top; Microsoft Word, Scrivner, and for Mac users Ulysses. Scrivner is the only program that can be used on both and all come on multiple platforms so you can use them on computers, laptops or on your phone.

Ulysses and Word have demos but you must buy the program to keep going.

Get ready. This is a long list.



Computer program – $63.00 + tax.

Phone App – $34.99


-works with to WordPress and other self-blogging platforms

-syncs to Dropbox

-accessible through Voiceover

-Similar to Scrivener in ways but more streamlined due to less features.


-is only for MacOS/Apple phones and tablets. Could be a problem if agent/publisher doesn’t have the same program.

Office Word:


Word: Three programs, different prices.

Office Home: $99 per year/$10 per month (7 extra programs)

Office Personal: $69 per year/ $7 per month (7 extra programs)

Office Home and Student: One time purchase of $149.00 (4 extra programs)


-used by the majority of the industry.

-allows for in-document editing


-expensive investment

-only for PC/Microsoft OS



Free trial and one-time payment of $40


-able to categorize scenes, characters. Especially good for large, complex projects.

-overall cheaper writing program than the others.

-does have a mobile app for ipad/iphone.


-learning curve. Can be overwhelming for a new writer.

-does not have a mobile app for android; writers are restricted to laptop/desktop.

Google Drive



-simple platform/easy to use

-can do a limited track editing

-auto save


-must have a google account to use

Corel Word Perfect


-pre-loaded program in older Windows OS computers.


-not loaded in Windows 10 computers.


Final Draft:


Latest edition: $249.99 [US]


-Industry-standard fully loaded.

-Capabilities for collaboration, and co-writing.

-Index card formatting and other editing tools

-Available on Mac and PC

-Available app for iPhone and iPad

-Can work offline



-Really pricey

-Regular updates to program, but very little actual change.



Latest edition – $49.95


-Has many of the same features as Final Draft

-Simple learning curve

-Online support and community

-Can work offline

-Has app for android


-Occasional updates, not much change.




Free version, or paid by prescription

Access to writing community that is constantly growing and adding new features and templates

Allows for creation of “studios” for large, collaborative projects.

Pre and Post production support and templates for all aspects of screenwriting

Also available as a free app.


Cloud based. You have to have account.

You have to add studio members to collaborate on projects.

Some features only available on the higher pay end.



*NOTE – I haven’t used this yet, so if you have let me know how you like it*

Lots of different formats.

Really simple interface.

Collaborate with other writers.

Available at a free trial or with a monthly subscription

Connected to screencraft.org, and offers discounts on their competitions and screenwriting services for paid members


Not as intuitive with shortcuts as other screenwriting software

Comic Books:

Making Comics – suggested by  Kingston Writer’s Group member Kristen


Explore Storyboarding:



Writing Tools:


Save the Cat! [screenwriting book] –

Pacemake – https://pacemaker.press/ helps you set wordcount and writing goals for individual projects based on your own pace and schedule. GREAT for motivation.


Dropbox – free online cloud program; can buy more space to upload more. Can share with other Dropbox members.

Google Docs – free online program. Restricted to Google users only.

About Darke Conteur
Darke Conteur is a writer at the mercy of her Muse. The author of stories in several genres, she prefers to create within the realms Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy. A pagan at heart, her personal goal it to find her balance within nature; exploring the dark through her stories and the light through her beliefs. When not writing or working with crystals, she enjoys knitting, gardening, cooking and very loud music.

2 Responses to A Company of Writers: Writing Tools and Programs

  1. Great summary! I tried using Scrivner a couple of times, but gave up. For some reason, it just works best for me to throw all my pieces against the wall in Word, and straighten it all out as I go.

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