The Green Side of Life: Garden update September 2021

Our gardening season was cut short this year by some pretty intense heat. Everything was growing and flowering, but the heat just overwhelmed my veggies and that was the end. My Roma tomatoes grew in such a weird fashion that i seriously wondered if the heat hadn’t mutated them into a new strain.

I don’t think I’ll do container gardening for tomatoes again. When they’re at their peak, they need so much water that the soil in the pots just doesn’t retain enough to keep them steady. Half the tomatoes I had, had to be thrown away because of bottom rot.

I got one cucumber from the vine, the other two were short, fat and round. No squash as all the flowers were male and no sweet potatoes. Hubby got a pile of squash from his, so I must be doing something wrong.

Check out the sad pictures of my garden. The first two are from mine, the rest are from Hubby’s.

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Ah well, there’s always next year, right?

From the Recipe Box: Vegetarian nachos.

My husband is a pescatarian; which means he eats fish, seafood, and dairy, just not red or white meat. Needless to say, there’s no hamburger on his nachos. There are a lot of recipes out there for vegetarian nachos, unfortunately for someone like myself who can’t eat spicy foods, half the ingredients in these recipes would leave me with stomach problems for the rest of the day.

I researched several vegitarian and vegan recipes and found that not only did quite a few of them have spicy ingredients, but several included non-meat meat (vegan meat substitute), and served hot, so I was really surprised when Hubby gave me a plate that was vegan and cold.

Yes, cold. Nothing hot on it. Great for hot summer days, and it’s just as good as regular nachos. Instead of having melted cheese hold everything together, you have the salsa, sour cream, or guacamole. Instead of melted cheese sauce, he had chunks of cheese spread across, and instead of black beans, chick peas or lentils, he put brown beans.

Honestly, it was so good!

Now, let’s talk chips. Sure, you can go with regular nacho chips, but next time try ones with added flavour. Hubby found lime flavoured chips and they add a bit of tang to the meal. Also, if you don’t like store bought chips, why not make your own? I found a great recipe for making nacho chips and all it requires is tortia bread, a deep fryer (or air fryer), and a pizza cutter. I have yet to try this out, but they sound yummy!

Now that Hubby has made them, I want to experiment and see what I can add. I’m thinking avocado chunks, pineapple, and olive slices. Have you tried veggie nachos? What were your toppings? I need some ideas!

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