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webName: The Saints of Belvedere Road

Paranormal Horror, Occult
Publisher: Self-Published
Date: August 21, 2015

Price: $3.50 (Please note, due to currency conversions, not all sites will list the book at $3.50) 



Amelia Saint thinks she’s losing her mind.

Demonic visions have left Amelia doubting her sanity. To her horror, she learns her husband bargained the soul of their eldest child to the demon Korthos, to fulfill an apocalyptic prophecy, Worse, she discovers Henry plans to use the souls of their two younger children to solidify his place of honour in the hell-on-earth that is to come.

With help from strangers adept in the occult, she discovers a way to keep her children alive. If Amelia can prevent Korthos from taking full possession of her son’s body for seventy-two hours, the pact will be broken and Henry will be imprisoned in the bowels of Hell.

Henry knows this too.

Amelia must stay one step ahead, but as the deadline approaches and the forces of evil close in, her chances of keeping her children alive run out.

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4 Responses to New Releases

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  2. maryrajotte says:

    Love that cover!

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