Writing Update: February, 2021.

Not a lot to update anyone on. I crossed the 50k mark with my magical realism novel and extended it to 85k. I’m at 63k right now and have just finished the scenes where they make the dye. I know the first draft is meant to just get the story out (as I keep telling people), but I’m concerned that even with edits and revisions it might still be too long. I know, I hear you all saying to keep writing. Just get the story out and worry about the rest later, so I will.

The only other thing I’ve worked on are blog posts and one of my tv scripts – Scavengers. I do love this story. I write and plot as it the script has been picked up. It makes it more fun to think that I’m writing something that will actually be seen by people. I have five and a half episodes done, and I plan on writing another six. Twelve episodes per season. The first half of season one deals with a plot that will follow the crew for most of the first two seasons, BUT, I’ve made it so that if this show doesn’t get ratings or they decide to cancel for whatever reason, episode six neatly wraps up the story line. It may not bring it to a meaningful conclusion, but the viewer won’t be left wondering. At least, I hope not. It’s like writing the first book of a series. You tell the story and come to an ending that could see a second book, or could stand by itself.

Eva and Skye’s Magical Hair Solution – As I said, I’m at 63k right now. That leaves me with 22k to write out the consequences of what’s happened so far. I’m not going to skim on the plot, not at this point, as there are a few big scenes that need to be written that leads to the conclusion, and like with the script, I need it to feel like the story is complete, but could also be continued.

Word count – 63,000 of 89,000.

Scavengers – I have episode 6 done and now I’m going to re-read all six episodes and tighten them up. There are a few places I know of where the storyline sags, or the characters do things for dumb reasons. I even have a series bible written out. Once the first six are good, then I’ll move on to the second six. I have a rough outline of what those will be about, and a way to end the first season the same way I did episode six, just in case. I feel this is beneficial for all involved. It gives the network and showrunner a clear exit. Although, I don’t know if I want to be a showrunner  . . .

Episodes – 6 of 12

Blogs – Yes, as you can tell, I’m back to writing blogs. Not as many as before, just a few each month, and they’ll be written, not video. I found setting up for video too time consuming. I don’t mean the mechanical part of it, but more getting me ready. I like to put makeup on and do my hair, but with everything else that I do, honestly, it was just too much. That doesn’t mean I’m not experimenting with other mediums . . .

So that is it; all that I’ve been up to. I deleted my YouTube account so if there are posts with blank screens, you know why. It was just too much, but I don’t regret trying, because it was fun.

Until next time, stay safe.

The Crystal Realm: Healerite

I found a new stone when I went to by some new crystals. It’s called Healerite. Healerite is a soft, smooth, yellow/green stone and a form of Serpentine. A few sites I researched refered to it as ‘Nobel Serpentine’ but these sites seemed to copy and paste off the original. Some sites called it a ‘new’ stone, but there were others who claim it’s just Serpentine, but in a different colour. Most of the research I found on it either contributes the metaphysical properties of Serpentine to it, or lists it with so many attributes that it could only be described as a ‘cure-all’ for anything chakra related.

The information on this stone was gathered from Crystalpedia.

CHAKRA(s): Solar Plexus, Heart

ENERGY: Healing, Luck

PROTECTION: Protects Cellular Structure, Shields the Etheric Field, Guards Against Radiation

STIMULATION: Purification, Chakra Alignment, Chakra Energizing, Cleaning of Energy Meridians, Hope, Faith, Emotional Stability, Emotional Healing, Lucid Dreaming, Self-Love, Compassion, Self-Acceptance, Balance, Physical & Etheric Harmonization

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Restructure misaligned Chakras and meridians, Reinvigorates the etheric bodies, Brings a great beneficial infusion of subtle matter-energy, Offers waves of well-being to the body, mind, and soul

HEALING PROPERTIES: Harmonizes Cellular Structure.

As you can see, there is a lot connected to this stone. Personally, I’m not too sure what it does as I’ve not had the chance to work with it yet. I bought it a short while after the first lockdown was over, to help with weight loss (cos we all ate too much during lockdown) and had to cleanse it with the full moon, but at that point, there was so much political turmoil going on, that I wasn’t in the right mindset to use it. It is worth mentioning that all the sites that offered information on this stone, was just a repeat of each other. Have you worked with this stone? What was your experience?

What’s on the eReader: Burn the Dark.

Cover for Burn The Dark

Robin is a YouTube celebrity gone-viral with her intensely-realistic witch hunter series. But even her millions of followers don’t know the truth: her series isn’t fiction.

Her ultimate goal is to seek revenge against the coven of witches who wronged her mother long ago. Returning home to the rural town of Blackfield, Robin meets friends new and old on her quest for justice. But then, a mysterious threat known as the Red Lord interferes with her plans . . .

DISCLAIMER: I did not receive this book as a gift or in exchange for a review.


Burn the Dark is the first book in the Malus Domestica trilogy, and I was excited to read this, as I like to read books written by people I know. The main character Robin’s journey is a hard one. Her backstory is tragic, and serves as a strong motivation for her actions; specifically hunting down and killing witches. She also videos this and puts them on YouTube, monetizing her videos for income.

After many years, she returns to her hometown with one goal in mind; to kill the coven that murdered her mother. Along with happier memories, the horror of her mother’s death comes back and she begins to remember things that she thought were hallucinations.

The story is told through the eyes of a myriad of characters, each of which have, or will have, a connection to the evils that still lies in the town of Blackfield. As she gathers herself to attack the witches, she learns that a more deadly enemy is waiting for her; the one her mother warned her about with her last breath. One that has haunted her for all of her life.

The story starts out with a bang and soon dissolves into a drawn out setup of backstory. The array of characters sometimes makes the plot hard to follow, but once the reader is past the excess scenes, the story takes on a frightening atmosphere as all those involved come face to face with the evil that not only haunts Robin’s old home, but the witches who use their powers in some very gruesome and intimidating manor.

Ms. Hunt’s grasp for description is beautifully detailed and enough to make the reader feel like Blackfield is their home town. The characters are engaging, colourful and witty, and keeps you routing for them when things become desperate.        

There was only one drawback that I found; the book ends just as it starts to delve into the heart of the story. I understand that this is a trilogy, but it felt as though Burn The Dark was just a long set up of world building and character introductions with a few, minor altercations between said characters and the coven. First novels in a series can be a daunting task to write, unless the world created by the author draws you in and make you care for the character’s well-being, and I believe that Ms. Hunt does accomplish this with her book with the wit and caring. It will be interesting to see how these characters interact with each other to help Robin fulfil her revenge.

4 out of 5

A Wiccan Journey: Cooking for the Sabbats.

I love cooking things from scratch. I can’t do it all the time, but when I have the time to put together a home-made meal, I go for it. One way of honouring my beliefs is creating a meal specifically using ingredients for that occasion. For example, part of a full moon rite is eating ‘moon cakes’ afterward and I’ve been known to put on a Beltane dinner prior to doing a rite. For the major Sabbats, these are wonderful ways to connect to the season and all that it has to offer.

Each season has its food preference. Many times these ingredients will overlap, but generally there is a new ingredient[s] for each of the eight points on the Wheel of the Year. These also include herbs and wine/meat/ale as well. It’s very easy to use a substituted. For instance, I’ve used fruit juice or milk in place of mead or wine and once for a full moon ritual in December I used a shortbread cookie.

As an eclectic Wiccan, I tend to take bits and pieces of different things to use in my rites. I feel it brings a personal touch to the ritual and for me that’s more important than doing it ‘by the book’.

Since its February and Ostara is right around the corner, let’s take a look at food and ingredients you can use to make a celebratory meal.


Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, is the second of three spring celebrations. When I think of foods to serve, I think of things that represent what the celebration is about – new life and renewal, rebirth and beginnings. I did some research and found a list of ingredients that you can use to create your Ostara meal.

Eggs- the egg is the most recognizable symbol of spring. Who doesn’t know what an Easter egg looks like, and it represents new life. All sorts of egg dishes from devilled eggs to quiche can be made.

Chicken and duck.

Seeds such as sunflower, or poppy.


Rabbit or Hare (there’s a difference).


All dairy foods.

Early green vegetables such as asparagus, lettuce, peas, and sprouts. I’ve only lived in a cold climate so the idea of these being ready for spring amazes me.

Edible flowers such as lilac, chive, clover. Again, living in a cold climate country means that most of this won’t be available until June or early July.

The internet is full of wonderful Ostara recipes that you can make and add to your celebration. Many are vegan as well, while others are a Pagan version of an Easter dish. Experiment and enjoy!

Of Writers & Prose: The Muse is a Tricky Bitch . . .

I have been a sci-fi fan since 1975 when I saw my first Godzilla movie. More so when Star Wars and the original Battlestar Galactica came out. When I entered adulthood, I discovered dark fantasy and paranormal, so it was a given when I started writing stuff that I would, naturally, gravitate toward the genres that captured my imagination. When I was in my twenties, so where my characters, and as I grew older, they did too, so imagine my fucking surprise when my Muse gives me a story idea that can only be written where the MC is a teen!

Look at my Twitter account. It says ‘Author of dark Adult Scifi & Urban Fantasy novels & scripts.

Adult. ADULT!

So where the hell did this idea come from and why am I so excited about it? I tried to envision the story as an adult novel. Nope. So then I tried with a young adult age, but it still wasn’t right. This story had to be written from a teens POV, problem is, I haven’t been a teen in DECADES, and I just briefly encounter the teens at work. Sometimes I can listen in on their conversations, but a lot of the time it’s more work related than general teenage banter. Not to mention the dialogue.

That’s another problem, I’m not ‘hip’ with the slang of today’s teens, so I decided to set it during the 80’s; a time I am very familiar with. This turned out to be a blessing in several ways:

  1. I remember how the world was back then. You could get away with a lot more then than you could now.
  2. Technology was in its primordial phase. There were no cell phones or laptops. We had computers but everything was run on DOS.
  3. Socially, things were much, much different. While there were bullies back then, the entire bully culture is taken so much more seriously now. For which I am grateful.

These three reasons alone excited me enough to want to work on the story. Plus, I have another set of magical realism novels that I could easily attach to this.

As of the writing of this post, I have cleared the 50k wordmark. Quite a feat for me. I’ve also decided that while the characters may be teens, the novel will be for adults; especially those who remember the 80’s and how we used to act. My memories of the ’80s are from a teen’s POV. Was it all sex, drugs, and rock’n roll? Pretty much, at least for me, it was and I think these characters will reflect that culture. I’ve already written a few scenes that are right from my memory and I will admit, it’s kinda fun looking back.  

Of Writers and Prose: Is It Time to Write That Story; Part 2

Ten years ago I wrote a blog post about writer’s block, but suggested that it’s not really a block, but more of a stall. I suggested that perhaps it wasn’t that we couldn’t find the words to write, but that it wasn’t the right time.

I believed it back then, and I still do now. Hear me out.

There isn’t a writer who hasn’t come across the infamous writer’s block in one form or another. Sometimes, for example this year, has seen a lot of creative people stop doing what they love because of the stress of the pandemic or a shutdown; myself included. Stress can be a serious problem for writers, but I’m not talking about any of that; what I’m talking about is the real idea that there is a certain time for stories to be written. A que, so to speak.

All writers know that a first draft is just word-vomit and the first stage of creating a novel. As a rule of thumb, we put that first draft away and go off to do something else, coming back to that novel after some time and looking it over with fresh eyes. Yet that’s not always the case. Sometimes we look at a particular story and either find no excitement for it, or doing revisions and edits just doesn’t flow. If you’ve read any of my writing updates you’ll see that this happens to me A LOT, and I’ good with that because I understand that wherever I draw my inspiration and creativity from, it’s letting me know that now is not the right time to be focusing on that particular story. Maybe I need to work on something else to improve my skills, or research something to make sure what I will right is correct and plausible. Whatever the case, when the words finally do flow, it allows me to finish the project and be happy with what I’ve done.

So, how do I know when the right time it? That’s easy; when the plot starts poking at me again, but I don’t jump right into the story. I’ll write things down, little ideas or scenes that come to me, and slowly, the poking increases until I have to open the file and work on it. Sometimes, like with the WIP I’m working on now, the poking takes over and pulls me away from a project I was already working on. My magic story had been dead in the water for a while, and I was working on a Steampunk story when a small idea popped into my head and I had to explore it. Now, I’m forty-thousand words into the first draft of Eva & Skye’s Magical Hair Solution and I’m confident that I’ll have the first draft finished by the end of January. Funny that, as I first thought of this story idea two years ago this month.

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Stay safe, everyone.

Movie Night: Beyond Skyline

IMBd Link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1724970/?ref_=ttpl_pl_tt

Rating: 5.3

Tagline: A tough-as-nails detective embarks on a relentless pursuit to free his son from a nightmarish alien warship.

Genre: Action/Adventure/Scifi

Synopsis: Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.


If you remember my review of the movie SKYLINE (read my rant HERE) then you’ll understand when I say I was a little skeptical of watching another movie based on the original. I’m glad I did.

BEYOND SKYLINE begins shortly before the aliens attack. Everything about the attack is the same as in the first movie, but this time, people actually try to do something. This movie picks up were the other movie should have went, and we see what happens when a human brain in integrated into the alien technology.

This is the movie that SKYLINE should have been. Okay, maybe some of the plot was a little ridiculous, but at least it HAD a plot. There were a few things that made me shake my head, but it wasn’t as bad as the original.

If you’ve seen SKYLINE, I highly suggest you watch this movie as well. It isn’t the best, but it’s an enjoyable movie that actually makes sense and has a complete story arc to it.

2020 Writing Update

It’s New Year’s Eve. The end of a stressful and heartbreaking year. Everyone’s lives have changed so much in the last 12 months, that it’s hard not to look back and genuinely hope that 2021 will be better.

I write this at the beginning of yet another shutdown. No doom-scrolling this time. I’m quite over that, and lack of money aside, I’m enjoying this one. It’s given me a chance to work on my NaNo2020 project – EVA AND SKYE’S MAGICAL HAIR SOLUTION. I didn’t finish it by the end of November, which was a given considering I work retail and the holiday shopping season ramps up during that month, so I’m taking this time now to work on it daily. I’ve set a personal goal of writing two-thousand words per day, and so far I’ve kept to that goal with only one day off. This story has come together better than I had expected. I’m at forty-thousand words of the fifty-thousand word goal, that will be extended to seventy-five. Mind you, this is still the first draft so there may be some deep edits coming.

My zombie-plague novel SURVIVAL RULES was rejected from Nightfire. It happens. I’ve set it aside for now. Not really sure what I want to do with it, but at least it’s done. I may have to change the name too. There is a writer at another indie publishing house who has a zombie series with almost the same title (she has the word RULES in her title), and she’s done the same thing that I wanted to do as well; have RULES in the title of each of her books. Maybe something new will come to me.

I haven’t touched either of my ghost stories DOWN FINNEGAN’S HOLLOW or THE POSSESSION OF MERCY MOREAU. Right now I’m focused on Eva and Skye and it’s completion.

Well that’s it for the end of this year. I am truly hoping 2021 will be so much better.

For those of you who subscribe to my newsletter, keep an eye out for a little something from me in the New Year; a post with a small excerpt from Eva and Skye. For those of you who don’t, if you’re so inclined, click HERE and it’ll take you to my web page and you can sign up from there.

Have a safe and happy New Year.

Writing Update for October 2020 [video]

Writing Update for August 2020.

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