50 Shades of Red Nail Polish #18

RapidRed(SH)Name: Rapid Red – Sally Hanson


I decided to break away this time from the more ‘upscale’ polish brands and try out a drugstore brand. I like Sally Hanson, used their Hard As Nails polish in the nineties and never had a problem. One reason I decided to try this was because I felt like I was becoming a nail polish ‘snob’ and only using expensive polishes.

This is a crisp, red colour that stayed the same shade inside and out. It has a wide brush with a tapered end, to make application easy as according to Sally Hanson promo – just brush and go (after 60 seconds).


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Application Process:

Because of the wider brush, it took me a couple fingers before I felt comfortable using it and I did have some over-flow, but it cleaned up no problem. The colour I found was very opaque. I could get away with just one coat, but habit made me put on two. As for the fast drying, they were right. It dried so quickly that a few times it would clump up before I got to the end of my nail, but even then I still gave it a good 30 minutes between coats.


Wear and Tear:

With a base and topcoat, it lasted a full seven days. The problem came when I went to take it off. The red soaked through the pad and transferred to my other hand. It got under my nail and I ended up used close to a dozen cotton pads and Q-tips to get it all off. It was a mess. The only reason I may keep this polish is for stamping. Will have to see.


50 Shades of Red Nail Polish: #16

SunSetTheMoodMini(ChinaGlaze)Name: Sun-Set the Mood – China Glaze


Continuing with my experiment, the next brand I tried was China Glaze. They’re well-known for their ‘true’ neon polishes (true neon simply means you don’t need a white basecoat), and they have a fun variety of colours. This is also the first matt nail polish I’ve owned. I’m so used to seeing a shine on my polish, that the matt finish kind of threw me.

This is a nice tropical punch shade that looks more orange undertone inside and pink undertone outside. I woke up the other day and was surprised at the orange tone this colour had. I actually lay there and stared at my fingers, in awe of such a drastic colour change. Because of that I feel this colour would really pop with a tan or with darker skin tones.

Application Process:

The formula was a little goopy and it either streaked or went patchy. Considering all the wonderful things I hear about China Glaze, I was more than a little disappointed. It took more than one coat to get a final colour. I had to apply two just to get an even coverage and I should have put on one more. That being said, I think it’s worth it just for the vibrancy of the colour.


-two applications of polish

-top coat

Wear and Tear:

Another reason I will use this brand again is durability. Sealing in the polish with a topcoat gives an extra layer of protection against chips. I put my nails under a lot of stress with typing and work, so the fact that my manicure stays chip-free for a full seven days makes it worth it for me.




50 Shades of Red Nail Polish: #15

VinyLuxPinkLeggingName: Pink Leggings by CNC VinyLux


I stepped away from my regular brands of polish for a while. I like to experiment and see how the others work for cover and possibly future nail art. The first colour I chose is PINK LEGGINGS by CNC VinyLux. I swear to the nail polish gods, this color is haunting me. This is a nice bright pink that reminds me of Revlon’s CHERRIES IN THE SNOW. It also reminds me of BACHELORETTE BASH by Essie. It’s bright like a neon in the sun, and goes quite dark with indoor lighting.

The formula is in between Essie and O.P.I. I found this colour a little gloopy and too thick for my liking.

Application Process:

Even with the gel nails, I have to use a base and top coat. I experimented with just the polish and wasn’t surprised to see that it started to wear off after a day. Also, as the gel nail grows out, the polish clings to the edge and I end up with an oval mark across the nailbed.

  1. -basecoat
  2. -two applications of polish
  3. -top coat

Wear and Tear:

With the extra protection to the polish, this lasts well over fourteen days with no chips or wear. Taking it off was another story. It. Took. Forever. At least five minutes for each finger and I used quite a bit of polish remover too. I’m not sure if it was because I used a base coat or maybe just the formula; I even wondered if I bought some shellac by accident. I’m not sure if I’ll use this colour or purchase this brand again.

A Darke Kind of Beauty: Gel Nails!

I’ve had the worse time growing out my nails. They get to a certain length and either beak off because of work, or some other reason. Mostly because of work. This has become a serious problem for me and my nail art obsession. Enter Husband’s anniversary gift to me; a gift certificate to a nail salon! Seriously, does this man know me or what?

I’ve never had artificial nails before other than the glue on/press on ones. I did a little research on both gel and acrylic and was hesitant about getting them done because of possible damage to the nail bed (you have to ‘scuff’ the nail bed so everything sticks better). Well, I went in and had them done. Took all of 30 minutes and wow, I am so impressed!


Look how perfect that manicure is! Look at the polish! She got NONE on my cuticles and it’s been the first time in years my all ten of my nails have been the same length. I got them short for work, but I might get them a bit longer next time. Yes, I said next time. My nails have become brittle and thin and I dislike the fact that only one hand ever looks nice. I will keep you posted as to how long they last. I’m hoping to get at least two weeks out of them, but the manicurist said if I take care of them, it could be as long as a month.

The colour is Bogota Blackberry Gel colour by O.P.I.

A Darke Kind of Beauty: 2 More #50ShadesofRedNailPolish

I’m still figuring out how to post these swatches, considering the infrequency that I do them. Between that and posting other nail art, I think doing four at a time is better. It lets you see the difference between the shades.

# 13.

Red Lights Ahead Where[mm]Name: Red Lights Ahead . . . Where?

Look at this! lucky number 13. When I started doing this back in June of last year, I figured I could do a colour a week. Doable, yes, but life has a way of changing my plans. Ah well, it’s all good. I’ve found some really exciting colours from several different companies, and an awesome red I can’t wait to show you! Anyway, for this installment we have another O.P.I product.

Description: This is a nice reddish-orange/coral colour that’s really good for summer. It’s an older polish, part of OPI’s 2012 summer collection.

Application: This colour goes on so smooth and the coverage is instant. No streaking or fast-drying smears (you know what I mean). This colour is good with just one coat but I like to put at least two, to get a good feel of the colour.

Application Process:

Sally Hanson Double Duty Top Coat (for a base coat as well)

2 coats O.P.I Red Lights Ahead . . . Where?

Wear and Tear: This lasted a full seven days without a chip. I would credit my topcoat, but the blue/sparkle polish I had on prior chipped after a couple days. With a base and top coat, you can easily get a good week with it.



Bullish for OPIName: Bullish on OPI

This is an older colour from OPI’s fall 2009 collection called Coleccion de España. I was surprised with the colour and that I would like it as much as I did.

Description: I’ve read descriptions on this as a “warm red with yellow undertones”. It’s a nice colour to wear in the fall that compliments a summer tan.

Application: The polish was a little thick, but that may be because of the age. I like the thicker polish. I find it easier to work with.

Application Process:

  • Sally Hanson Double Duty Top Coat (for a base coat as well)
  • Two coats of Bullish on OPI.


Wear and Tear: Despite the age, this was incredible wear. With top and base coat it lasted the full seven days.


A Darke Kind of Beauty: Polish that nail; Pretty In Plum!

Continuing with my 50 Shades of Red Nail Polish. If you’d like to see the others, you can view them here.

Pretty in Plum.

Name: Pretty in Plum #O.P.I #Nichole

Description: This is an older colour. From what I could research, about three years old. It’s interesting to note that one site modeling it, the polish had sparkle, while another showed it to be more of a matte. It’s a rich, dark purple that reminds me of the colour of grape juice. I’d go as far as to say it’s a nice Gothic colour and would go well paired with a dark red or black for nail art.

Application:  Easy to go on. I have three coats in the picture.

Wear and Tear: I’ve started using a top and base coat, and at the time I wrote this out, I’d had it on close to seven days with very little wear along the tip of my nails, but that could be because of the topcoat. When I took it off, almost a full week later, there was chipping and cracking, so I got at least a week and a half out of it. Not bad for a colour I found in the discount bin.

Removal: I don’t know if it was because I had a top and base coat, but the colour stayed on the pad and didn’t transfer to my fingers. A very clean removal.

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