Enhanced Ebooks; Fact or Fiction

I heard this buzz word about a year ago—Enhanced Ebooks. Have you heard of them? Ebooks with links embedded within the text of the story, that take you to online to pictures or more information about a word or scene.

Enhanced Ebooks are supposed to be the natural evolution for ebooks. With cell phones and tablets becoming more than just something to browse the internet with, some feel that future readers will want to look at more than just words when they read a book; they’ll want to see map[s of the fantasy lands their reading, or pictures of what places or characters look like.

Geez, and just when I got the hang of formatting books. I’m a little apprehensive about these books. I can’t add a working ToC to my books, how the hell am I supposed to enhance them with other links? Not only that, but what about the really new writer who decides to go it alone and can’t afford formatting? You know enhanced books are going to bump up those rates.

There is some drawback to enhanced books, especially if you own an early version of Kindle. The first one, from what I’ve gathered, does not support any enhancements. Not a problem now, but if these evolution continues, it could be.

Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen overnight. It will probably start off slow, but as more ebooks are uploaded with these enhancements, it may very well take over. Much like the Kindle did.

You have been warned.

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