From The Garden: Summer Garden 2017

Our garden exploded in the summer months. The beautiful spring bulbs gave way to a wave of green, purple yellow and white.

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I found this little guy hiding behind some weeds along the side of the house.


And these are our peonies from our house in the country. They always do well. Not bad for a fifty-year-old plant. My lavender is doing well too. I want to see just how big it can get.


Mother decided she likes the cedar mulch to keep the weeds down so we’ve been putting it on the garden, and then put some under the evergreens that run along the property line.



We don’t have much in the way of fall flowers. Maybe I’ll take some pictures of trees turning. I’ve seen a few already. The usually start about the beginning of August.

Veggie Garden Update [pictures]

Got some exciting news! So far, our veggie garden is still intact! We went out last weekend and bought some more veggies to put in where the corn used to be (the critters left us two), and so far, so good!

Other than needing a good weeding, things are looking good in the veggie garden. We planted some broccoli (right down in front), squash and watermelon with the corn and some lettuce as well.   I need to go out and build up the soil around the tomato plant. They dug all around the base of the plant.








I love petunia’s, so when I found these black ones, I just HAD to have some. Too bad they’r only an annual.







And beans in a barrel. Well, beans and peas. Husbands experiment.








How are your gardens coming along? Anything new you’re trying to grow this year?

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