A Darke Kind of Beauty: Brows; the frames of the eyes.

1980 called me. They want their eyebrows back.

I started plucking my brows in high school. Back then, thin was in. I kept it up through the 90’s until I discovered waxing and then I waxed them thin, but sometime in the last ten years or so, my poor hair follicles said enough and stopped growing back. Great, except now I’m left with thin brows and quite frankly, I don’t like that style anymore.


I’ve immersed myself in make-up tutorials on YouTube. One might say I’m addicted to them. I can’t help it and watching all these tutorials with models that have beautifully shaped brows started to bug me, so I decided it was time to do something about my poor brows. I decided to buy a few items and re-shape them. It’s been a learning curve as the only time I ever used brow products was during the 90’s when I wanted to enhance my thin brow.

So, after doing some research, and by that I mean watching hours of YouTube videos, I headed into Sephora. $110 later, I came out with these AND how to use them.


Over the Easter weekend, I locked myself away in the bathroom twice a day and try to duplicate what the young girl at Sephora showed me. At first I was all “WHAT THE HELL THAT DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT!” and it took me thirty minutes to do both brows, but come Monday and my long work shift, I was ready in less than eight minutes for both.

Stencils are really neat. You basically just fill it in but determining what brow looks good on me is the tricky part. The package contains five and I followed the pictures on the back to determine where my brow should start, end and arch.

Using the pencil and the Promade to fill in was fun and they look a lot better, and just so you know, the other end is called a spoolie. I’m a lot happier with them now and I’ve noticed a few growing back in places so I think I’ll be able to reshape them gradually to something a little less thin.

Screw you 1980.


A Darke Kind of Beauty: Spring Palette and brushes.

I did some serious splurging for spring, but I had too. I wanted to do purple eye-shadow for spring but the colours I had were way too dark, so off to Sephora I went. I wasn’t impressed with the silver/grey I got from their line of eye-shadow products. Too much sparkle and not enough matt. I have *very* large eyes and hooded eyelids. I need matts. Urban Decay didn’t have anything I liked either, but Kat von D did, so after doing some research, I picked up her PLUM palette. All I can say is holy shit. These are rich colours that are very pigmented and creamy, but there’s quite a bit of ‘fly away’. I’ve found patting the shadow on is the best way to apply and because it’s so pigmented you don’t need a lot. What’s really cool about this palette is that instead of colour names on the bottom of the container it has what you use the colour for. Very helpful. Also, the palette is in the shape of a coffin! Seriously adorable.

She has three others; SAGE, RUST, and SMOKE. I think each are perfect for the other seasons.

My second big splurge was on brushes. The eye-shadow applicator I normally use was rough so I got some new ones. I love E.L.F brushes. They’re so soft, and I now own a kabuki brush. Not sure what I do with it, but I like the fact I can tell people I own a kabuki brush.

The last brush I bought in my splurge was bloody expensive; a foundation brush. $41!


It’s so worth it. I don’t use my fingers to apply foundation (well, not since the 80’s) and the sponges don’t seem to spread the foundation evenly and get dirty and mucky too quickly. Putting foundation on with the brush not only spreads it more even, but I use less with a brush. I now have three that are strictly face brushes; one for foundation, one for powder and a third for bronzer. I expect this to grow when I get some highlighter and blush, and you can’t have makeup brushes without makeup brush cleaner. Brushes are incredible to use, but you need to clean them. I used to do it once every few months; usually when I changed eye-shadows, but I found this little beauty cleaner and I’m going to do them once a week.

cleanerGeez I love playing with this stuff!

A Darke Kind of Beauty: Tools of the Trade

I’m going to let you in on a little secret; I love playing with makeup and nail polish. So much so, that I’m looking into an esthetics course at the college here.  For a while, I was a little embarrassed to admit I liked it. As if it were some kind of ‘girlie’ weakness. Then I thought fuck them. They don’t like it, too bad. I love working with eye shadows, eyeliners and all that fun stuff. I change my eye shadow and lipstick with the seasons (yes, I really do) and I’m a huge fan of home-made facials. Recently, I’ve found nail art and have watched several YouTube videos on how to do it, and I thought, if I liked this stuff, surely there are others who do too.

So let me introduce you to my newest acquisitions.

First, some, nice, Gothic colours. Dark purple eye shadow and yes, that’s red eye shadow. The original picture didn’t get the pigment right, so I had to adjust it. That’s pretty much the way it really looks.

2016-03-25 09.46.42

Duo from Make Up For Everyone. Single from Urban Decay

Some new nail polish. O.P.I. from the bargain bin. Close to 75% off. I’m going to use purple, black and pink for my first water marble attempt. Not sure what that is? Heh . . . wait and see.


And these are the first of my nail art tools. I just need some beads, glitter (yes, I said glitter), and striping tape.


I’m also going to keep up with my 50 Shades of Red Nail Polish on Instagram. There are too many reds and not enough time.


Tropical Punch

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