Nail Art: The benefits of a weekly nail bath.

As pretty as nail art can be, the chemicals from acetone, gel, and acrylic polish can take a toll on our nailbeds. That’s why I do a weekly nail bath using essential oils and a cold-pressed oil, and the results are well worth it. The splits and cracks that were so noticeable when my acrylic nails came off are practically gone. Along with using hand moisturiser 2-3 times a day (depending on how many times I washed my hands), careful filing of my nails and using a cuticle oil twice a day, I can easily restart my 50 Shades of Nail Polish blog series soon.

Here are a few pictures of just how bad my nail beds were and how they’ve improved. These are all pictures of my left hand.


December 2017

February 2018


There are several oils that are good for your nails; grapeseed, argan and avocado are among the most popular. For my nail bath I use grapeseed oil mixed with three essential oils; tea tree, lavender and clary sage. Along with those, I add two vitamin E capsules to the soak as well. While the grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin D, C, and E, I use it as a carrier oil for the essential oils.

It will take a while for your nails to show an improvement, although a crack that appeared in my thumb had repaired within a couple weeks. Eating healthy also improves nail beds which is why during the summer months, my nails are healthier.

You can find a list of some of the best carrier oils for nails HERE.

Essential oils are an added bonus for your nail bath. Not only are they beneficial, but they smell wonderful. Many, like tea tree and clary sage, can be used for other purposes. I find using the bath with these three a great way absorb the benefits of all three.

You can find a list of five essential oils that are beneficial for nails HERE.

I hope in the near future to have a YouTube channel so I can upload videos of my nail art along with the reboot of my 50 Shades of Red Nail Polish series; doing video swatches of the polish instead of just pictures.


Nail Art: Metallic and Pinks

Now that I’ve found a way to keep my nails long without them braking (yay for gel nails) I’m going to try and have a new polish swatch/nail art each month. I realised I’m a month behind, so this month will feature two nail art; one that I had for the month of January and the other that I have for all of February.

First, January;

I saw this metallic polish on a YouTube channel I subscribe to. I thought it was the most incredible and so beautiful! I was hoping for an ice blue or some kind of blue shade for winter, but they had either the metallic green or silver, and you know me, can’t resist the dark shades.

Not as many compliments as the gold glitter, but not everyone is into the darker shades. This really stands out in natural lighting. You can distinguish the greens and purples more than inside lighting, and the faint hint of blue is more prominent too with natural light, or I thought so.

The base for this was green, which went neon after it set. The power my manicurist applied was dark and sparkly; like a fine glitter and he put it on with an application brush that would be the same as those disposable eyeshadow brushes, but a longer handle. The only drawback was; it began to peel a few days later. Not by much, but I noticed it. They were all still pretty good four weeks later, and I was pretty hard on my nails. Also, as you can see my nails are SO LONG! I couldn’t do anything with them. As much as I love long nails, there is a point where I have to cut them. I have no idea how those women with really long nails do anything with them.

For February I decided to go with a red, and wouldn’t you know it, this colour stood out.  I swear, I find this colour in everything and have two bottles of polish at home that is this same colour, but I figured fuchsia for Valentine’s Day. I got accent nails too; and my manicurist did this free hand. Can you believe this? I don’t think I could do this; not on myself. Nails are shorter too (such a relief).


A Darke Kind of Beauty: 2 More #50ShadesofRedNailPolish

I’m still figuring out how to post these swatches, considering the infrequency that I do them. Between that and posting other nail art, I think doing four at a time is better. It lets you see the difference between the shades.

# 13.

Red Lights Ahead Where[mm]Name: Red Lights Ahead . . . Where?

Look at this! lucky number 13. When I started doing this back in June of last year, I figured I could do a colour a week. Doable, yes, but life has a way of changing my plans. Ah well, it’s all good. I’ve found some really exciting colours from several different companies, and an awesome red I can’t wait to show you! Anyway, for this installment we have another O.P.I product.

Description: This is a nice reddish-orange/coral colour that’s really good for summer. It’s an older polish, part of OPI’s 2012 summer collection.

Application: This colour goes on so smooth and the coverage is instant. No streaking or fast-drying smears (you know what I mean). This colour is good with just one coat but I like to put at least two, to get a good feel of the colour.

Application Process:

Sally Hanson Double Duty Top Coat (for a base coat as well)

2 coats O.P.I Red Lights Ahead . . . Where?

Wear and Tear: This lasted a full seven days without a chip. I would credit my topcoat, but the blue/sparkle polish I had on prior chipped after a couple days. With a base and top coat, you can easily get a good week with it.



Bullish for OPIName: Bullish on OPI

This is an older colour from OPI’s fall 2009 collection called Coleccion de España. I was surprised with the colour and that I would like it as much as I did.

Description: I’ve read descriptions on this as a “warm red with yellow undertones”. It’s a nice colour to wear in the fall that compliments a summer tan.

Application: The polish was a little thick, but that may be because of the age. I like the thicker polish. I find it easier to work with.

Application Process:

  • Sally Hanson Double Duty Top Coat (for a base coat as well)
  • Two coats of Bullish on OPI.


Wear and Tear: Despite the age, this was incredible wear. With top and base coat it lasted the full seven days.


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