Writers and Prose; Don’t be a disrespectful author. [Warning, serious rant ahead]

Have you heard it? The collective groan of people sick and tired of author’s constantly promoting themselves in places where they’re not supposed to.

No one likes spam (unless you like the meat, and I’m sure there are some of you who do), and no one likes to be beaten over the head with constant book promotions on social media. Many of us have taken to hiding out in non-promotional groups or forums just to get some relief, but these aggressive authors hunt us down and invade our sacred spaces anyway. They don’t care about rules. They join and post their book links. It’s very rude.

A question for these authors, why do you do this? Don’t tell me that you didn’t KNOW it was a promotional free area, because the groups I’m in, this rule is front and center and proudly displayed in the group banner. NO PROMOTION ALLOWED. I’ve been told by a couple admins that you know what you’re doing, and don’t care. This tells me you have very little respect for rules or your fellow author, and that doesn’t look very good on you.

So, here’s what I’m going to do; I have your name. Yup, I have it and I put it on a list. Since you can’t be bothered to show respect to your fellow author, I shall not extend the courtesy to you. If you come across me on Facebook or Twitter, keep on walking. Don’t even bother to send me any kind of request, because I won’t accept. Let’s face it, you’re not looking for people to be social with, all you’re interested in is numbers so you can go around and say “Hey! Look at me! I’m important! I’m popular! Look how many followers/friends I have!”

I love promoting authors, but not authors like of you and I will not be a party to help spread your annoying spam around. If you want to promote on your blog, or Twitter or Facebook or what have you, go right ahead, those are YOUR sites, but stay out of places you’re spam is not wanted.

You brought this on yourself, I’m afraid, and you only have yourself to blame.

A Personal Observation – Pet peeve #1: Lack of Phone Manners

I know what you all are thinking; what is this nutcase going on about now? Well just this; when people don’t say goodbye to you before they hang up the phone. Drives. Me. Nuts! Seriously. It stems from my a**hole, ex-stepfather. He NEVER said goodbye, but had the nerve one day to chastise me for the way I started conversations

STEP-FATHER: “Its ‘May I speak with so-in-so’, not ‘Is so-in-so there?’.

ME: *PUNCH* (note-I didn’t, but it was a fantasy of mine for years.)

I caught my mother doing it one time and immediately called her back and told her what she’d done wrong. I’ve even called Sithboy back when he was at a friend’s house and blasted him for doing it.

THEN, I got blasted on Twitter once because I said goodbye before I headed off. He sent a message saying he was un-following me because I cluttered up his stream with nonsense (or something stupid like that).

Really? Since when are manners nonsense? AND HE WAS BRITTISH!

 Okay, I’m better now…

Do We Need An Authors Code for Online Conduct?

Has it come to this? Just this past weekend I heard of another writer and their online meltdown on a forum and on Twitter. I’m not going to go into details. I think this guy has already got more attention than he deserves.

This latest disgrace has further blackened the face of self-publishing. Don’t be fooled into thinking this will pass without any ramifications. What hurts one of us, hurts us all, and self-published authors who are arrogant as this guy was, do more harm than good.

So what is the SP community supposed to do? Do we let these author’s go off and self-destruct? Do we try and compensate in some way for their public gaffe? Do we slam him/her in public as much as possible? It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, but each time we act or react to these ‘authors’, good or bad, it intensifies the already growing malice toward SP community. There are enough people out there who think all self-published authors are unprofessional. We don’t need to prove them right.

Personally, I’m for letting these people self-destruct. Attacking other writers under the guise of self-defence only makes them look more like the amateur they are. Let their own personal code of conduct bury their career. The rest of us will do just fine without them.

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