From the Recipe Box: Salad; more than just an appetizer.

It’s that time of year, folks! As warmer weather ushers in a new season (and the one most Canadians anxiously wait for), our thoughts turn to a summer staple; the salad.

We have been eating salad since the time of the Romans and Greeks. Over the centuries the dish has evolved into what we know today. The history of the salad is very interesting and I found this site if you’re inclined to know more.

History of the Salad

I like salad; it’s healthy (or can be depending on what you include) but I like the diversity even more. Salad is not just greens and veggies cut up into bite size nuggets, and having a variety of options breaks the food boredom and can be more healthy for you than sticking to the same thing all the time. Even combining different foods (meats/veggies, fruit/veggies) will add new life and flavour to your meal.


Zoodle Salad. Recipe found at the link below.

There’s a psychological aspect to eating salad as well. For me, salads represent summer. The low calories (to counter-act all that winter comfort food) and fresh produce are synonymous with the hot weather. When the humidex reaches 35c at supper time, the last thing you want to do is turn the oven on and cook a hot meal. The same can be said for the cooler weather too. There’s nothing like a good crock-pot meal on a cool autumn day to make one appreciate the season.

Salads (as well as cut veggies) have become so popular that an industry has sprung up to accommodate the growing need. The bagged salad industry, which sees itself as providing nutritious food without the hassle of preparing it, estimates that it will sell close to $8 million dollars work of product in 2018.

Salads are a staple of meals, and in today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s nice to know that people have an alternative meal choice other than fast food.

For your enjoyment, here is a link to some wonderful salad recipes.

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