A Tarot Reading.

I found this very good article on the history of Tarot cards.


As someone who has used them, you would be surprised just how much they really can denote certain situations. Granted, it’s all in the way the reader interprets the cards, but I’ve found that by just explaining what each card in the spread means, connects to the situation the reader is asking about.

1The deck I used is called The Mythic Tarot. I keep the cards wrapped in the spread cloth it came with and the two stones are amethyst and Lapis Lazuli. Yes, those are my ugly toes.










2I did up a quick spread this afternoon. There are dozens of tarot spreads, and this has the most I’ve ever seen.


The spread I generally use is called The Celtic Cross, but after finding the above link, I think I’ll try a few of them. Some of the pictures are blurry. Sorry.



3The first card is called the Covering Card. This card reflects the present situation.

The Six of Swords-Moving away from trouble, finding balance.






4The Second card is called the Crossing Card. It’s what ‘crosses’ you; any obstacles or opposition.

The Emperor – Authority and control






5The third card is called the Crowning Card and it implies things that will happen in the immediate future.

The Fool – New developments, fresh starts, taking risks.






6The fourth card is called The Base of the Matter and depicts the basis of the overall situation, often unknown.

The Three of Wands (blurry, sorry) – Business success, leading a group.






7The fifth card is called Past Influences and describes the situation that the reader has left.

Eight of Pentacles (blurry, sorry) New job, studies, working with a hobby.






8The sixth card is called Forthcoming Influences and depicts what the reader will experience in the next few months

Page of Swords – Reflects an abundance of energy, passion and enthusiasm.






9The seventh card is called Where One Finds Oneself and is an extension of the first card.

Six of Wands – Public success or recognition.






10The eight card is called Views of Others, and describes our image or how others see us

Three of Swords – Anxiety, unhappiness, separation.






11The ninth card is called Hopes and Fears and the one card can represent both.

Page of Pentacles (blurry, sorry) News about money or a job. Study for a job.






12The tenth card is called the Final Outcome,

The High Priestess – Hidden motives, intuitions, inner wisdom.







So, with all this information here’s what I read.

I’m coming out of a period of tight self-imposed restrictions and into some place where I can relax. True. Husband and I have been watching our budget for quite a while and Husband has been working side jobs like crazy for the last few months, and we’re looking at some ‘mad’ money near the end of the this month. We want to put a deck on our house so we can enjoy the backyard more, not to mention doing a few more renovations to the house before cold weather sets in. It could also mean that I’ll be getting enough money from book sales to put out two more books this year, as I hoped.

Each and every one of these cards can relate to those two situations in my life. Now granted there will be some who say I ‘read’ what I wanted too, but I think the Tarot is pretty specific about what it wants to say.

What do you think? Do you believe the Tarot can help guide, or is it just for fun?       

Second Regression

Those who believe that our spiritual selves return to this plane again and again, might be surprised to learn that our souls tend to travel in groups. The soul that is your mother or father in this life, could have been your sister or child in another life. I know this will be hard to hear for some of you (personal reasons), I’m having a hard time accepting this as well,  as I have an asshole for a stepfather, whom I HATE. And if you know me, you know I don’t use that word lightly.

My second regression was done by Denise Lynn [ http://www.deniselinn.com/index.htm ].
 Before we started, she asked that we form groups of up to six. Now I knew no-one but found a few people, and then she tells us that we were meant to be together. That we are connected to the people we chose to group up with.

She started us into the regression, which wasn’t that much different than the previous one. This time, I found myself on a pier and I was definitely male. A young male maybe late twenties, early thirties. She told us to explore, to walk around, and I found myself on a bridge with shops lining each side. There was an excitement to this regression, like this was a new start at a career. Then she told us to jump to the time of our death, and you know he/I wasn’t much older, lying in a hovel, and the word ‘plague’ came to my mind.  She then told us to picture ourselves at home standing next to our ‘former’ self and receive energy from our past life. This was the most moving experience I’ve ever had. I started crying and I couldn’t stop. I felt so peaceful afterward.

After everyone gathered themselves (I wasn’t the only one that had this reaction), we sat in our groups and did an exercise of perception. We had to open ourselves to anything we might ‘receive’ from the others. We were only allowed a short time to ‘sense’, and you would be surprised how many times myself or someone else would pick up on something, and have someone else in the group find something  that corresponded. It was so freaky! Then it was time to see how we were connected to each other. Each one of us had a short vision, and from what we could figure out, we were school mates like in university. As for when, we weren’t that sure, but I did see a pagoda. Don’t know what that means.   

I know it sounds corny, but if you ever get the chance to experience this, go for. You will feel so peaceful afterward.            

Past Lives

Over this past weekend, I attended a metaphysical conference with keynotes from some of the world leaders in this field. It was more than an eye-opener, it was an awakening. It helped me to understand certain things about my life that I couldn’t understand. In particular; my fear of heights.

In the sixth grade I became aware of my fear of heights. I’m not going to go into it, it’s boring, but suffice to say the incident stayed with me. I assumed I’d had this fear from birth, but one day my mother told a story of a babysitter that wasn’t paying attention. According to Mom, she knew the woman wasn’t doing her job because she came home and found salt and pepper in all the glasses. Which meant I must have climbed up onto the counter to do it. Guess I wasn’t afraid of heights then, so what happened between then and grade six?

The seminar with Dr. Brian Weiss ( http://www.brianweiss.com ) was incredible. He sits in his chair, and speaks in a monotone voice. It never goes up or down, which I would think is a key element in regression. Even his comedic bits are at a level tone. It was a very relaxing event and not scary at all. He told us that no matter what we saw, to just ‘go with it’, because many times past lives will overlap each other in a regression, so seeing a jumbo jet while you’re in ancient Egypt would be perfectly fine.

As he spoke, he took us deeper into the relaxation, and he describe a safe place for us. Once we were ready (and I do mean ‘we’, there were seven hundred of us!) and relaxed, he asked us to recall a child hood memory. Mine was from when we lived in Pembroke, back before I knew I had a phobia. Then we were to remember back when we were in the womb. I didn’t get much of an impression, but what I did get was ‘uncomfortable’. Then, we were to be born, to watch what was happening, then float up and go back to an earlier memory.

At first, I didn’t see anything except the blackness of closed eyelids, then I saw a little girl with ribbons in her hair. I wasn’t really looking at her, but I could see the ribbons waving in the breeze by my head and saw a brightly coloured dress. I immediately associated the outfit with being Swiss. There were mountains around and then she/I was falling. Again, nothing vivid, but I knew I was falling. Then, as quickly as that appeared, she/I was standing on a ledge looking down. It was very quick.

He brought us out of the regression and back to the safe place, and as we were waking and getting rid of any excess drowsiness, we were told the entire session took forty minutes! It felt like ten—fifteen tops! He said if we experienced ‘lost time’, that we did regress.

It didn’t hit me until I was leaving the theatre that the fall could be the reason I’m so afraid of heights AND that’s the only reason why I’m afraid of going on a plane. The idea of not having that solid ground underneath me is terrifying. I decided to test this on the way home and sat on next to the window on the train. Even going over high tresses made my stomach jump on the way to Toronto, but as we were riding over them on the way home—nothing. I’m going to test it again next weekend when we go shopping. I can’t stand near the balcony at the shopping mall, makes my stomach flip to just look over. If that has no effect, I’ll find something higher.

 I had a second regression that day as well, but that is for another blog post.  

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