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Found on Steampunk Parade

Found on Steampunk Parade

One of the things that drew me to the Steampunk genre was the fashion. Mainly Victorian-based, the Steampunk world is full of corsets and skirts, goggles and top hats, frills and fancy dress. I read somewhere that Steampunk is what happened when Goth’s discovered brown.

I love the dressy part of Steampunk fashion. There is nothing casual about any of it and one could almost imagine people of Victorian era actually wearing these outfits. There’s also a bit of daring to them as well, especially for the outfits for women. Steampunk women embody the rebellious side. They break with tradition, are more free-spirited, and it reflects in the clothing. The more rebellious outfits I’ve seen have pants instead of the long skirt, a big no-no in Victorian era, but if you’re travelling around the world and getting into all sorts of interesting situations, you can’t very well do it wearing a long skirt now, can you.

Fashions for men are a little more embellished than normal. Most men’s outfits I’ve seen lean toward a scientist or outlaw-type, as they represent more of the outlaw than gentlemen aspect. I could be wrong, but I’ve seen very few outfits for men that were not geared this way.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Steampunk fashion.

Steampunk Fashion

When I started the board I was pinning just about anything, then I noticed how some

Found on Huangstudio

Found on Huangstudio

of the fashion was less Steampunk and more sex. Not that there’s anything wrong with a sexy outfit, but considering the era this genre takes place in, I find it out of place for a scantily-dressed woman. Rebellion and free-spirited does not mean that you show off everything the Goddess gave you.

I plan on putting together a Steampunk outfit. I’m going to start from the top down, as I already have a few ideas in mind.

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