Musings from the CatPack: The new CatPack!

As many of you know, I own a couple of cats. Wait, scratch that. A couple of cats own me. When we had LittleCat, they became the CatPack, but with LittleCat’s sudden disappearance (he got out the front door one night and we still have no idea how), it didn’t seem right to call them the Catpack.

Until now. Meet Tigger; my mother’s blind cat, and Fluffy. I refer to them as Tiggs and Da Fluffernutter. We are again a CatPack. Cool thing is, they’re all the same family. Master Brown is the father of Miss Molly, Tigger and Fluff. The first batch of kittens we had with their mother, Sadie, there were only three kittens. My mother took the boys and we kept Molly because Sithboy liked her. Now they’re all back together and the fur flies on a daily basis. Well, three are Maine Coons so that part is inevitable no matter what.

I still miss LittleCat. He was my baby, my snuggle-kitty. When I sat down on the couch, there he was curling up in the crook of my arm. I hope where ever he is, he’s happy.

All hail the new CatPack!

Tigger (Tiggs)

Tigger (Tiggs)

Miss Molly

Fluffy (Da Fluffernutter)

Master Brown

Master Brown



M.I.A LittleCat.

And you thought kids were picky eaters…

We raised Master Brown and Miss Molly on one certain brand of food. It’s a grocery store generic, but they like it and it’s a fur-ball formula that seems to work.  A few weeks ago they stopped making this food and Husband was left with the task of finding another good, cheap, hair-ball formula food. Well, we did find one, and the hissy-fits that ensued was ridiculous.

Miss Molly went on a hungry strike and barely ate any of it. She let us know too that she wasn’t impressed. Every time you went into the kitchen, there she was—meowing. I’ve never heard a cat meow so much in my life! Then there was the whole ‘I’m ignoring you until you get the food I like’ thing. You’d talk to her she’d meow and turn her back on you.

Master Brown ate it, but then he would sneak over and push Katza away from his bowl and eat the kitten food when I wasn’t looking, so it wasn’t like he was starving. Plus, he pestered Sithboy whenever the kid had cheese slices.

Katza, well, if you haven’t heard me complain yet about it, that cat eats anything that’s on the floor. Seriously, I’ve had to pull all kinds of crap out of that animal’s mouth. He’s even gotten into the garbage a couple times. You’d think he’d know better, plus, he was the only one who didn’t complain about the new food. Mind you, he also had the kitten food too.

Last Sunday, Husband found new food that everyone likes. Molly is back to gracing us with her presence, Brown is staying away from the kitten food (mind you, it’s all gone now), and Katza isn’t complaining either. Just to show you how satisfied everyone is, I took this pic last night.

My neck hurts just looking at Katza.

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