From The Garden: Summer Garden 2017

Our garden exploded in the summer months. The beautiful spring bulbs gave way to a wave of green, purple yellow and white.

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I found this little guy hiding behind some weeds along the side of the house.


And these are our peonies from our house in the country. They always do well. Not bad for a fifty-year-old plant. My lavender is doing well too. I want to see just how big it can get.


Mother decided she likes the cedar mulch to keep the weeds down so we’ve been putting it on the garden, and then put some under the evergreens that run along the property line.



We don’t have much in the way of fall flowers. Maybe I’ll take some pictures of trees turning. I’ve seen a few already. The usually start about the beginning of August.

From The Garden: Spring Bulbs 2017

Last fall my mother and I planted 150 bulbs. I’m not exaggerating. We had so many bulbs, it was nuts. In particular, we planted special Canada Day bulbs – tulips that were red and white. Now that spring is here, we’re starting to see the first of our efforts pop up.


Husband said he saw someone stop in front of the house and take a picture. The red and white tulips changed colour on us and are yellow-cream and red. We may have to move them and replant.

Cherry tree is looking nice this year too.

IMG_20170515_141137 (1)

This is a wider angle of the front gardens.



































And here are a few from the backyard.













































And these are the special tulips Mom got for Canada 150.

From The Garden: A June Update

It’s been a long time since I did any gardening. Last summer I didn’t feel like it, even though Husband did plant some tomatoes. This year I’m feeling a little more ambitious, but first a few pictures of the flower gardens.

Front garden is looking good this year. Still needs some colour down at the front. Maybe when the annuals go on sale we’ll pick some up.


Remember the half-moon garden from last month? This is it now. It’s going to be a butterfly garden. below are some other flowers growing around the property.

Below are some of the other flowers around the property.

Now onto the veggies.

Beets and radishes in containers. They’re already sprouting, but I can’t remember which is which.


Carrots will take some time. Two weeks to sprout.


I read that you could grow cucumbers up a trellis, so I bought a sturdy metal one. I can secure it to the deck if need be.


Red peppers. I was going for green, but when I saw the built-in trellis I thought what the hell.


Basil. One of three herbs we bought this year.


There are herbs in here….somewhere….I should do some weeding.


How are your gardens doing this year?

From The Garden: The Start of a New Season

It’s that time again folks! Garden season!


This year I’m doing a container garden. The ground here doesn’t have much in the way of earth and a raised garden is too expensive and time consuming to construct right now. I found a site called The Seed Guy [visit The Seed Guy Web Site ] that has the information on the size of containers I’d need. Looking over the page made me think that I could do a huge container garden. Just put it in the right amount of light and off I go. So, I’m hoping to do bi-weekly updates on this project to keep me accountable.


This is the back yard. A bit of a mess right now, but as the leaves fill out, it will go bright sun on the far left to shade on the far right. I originally wanted to do tomatoes (2), green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, radishes and a squash, but I found a bunch of containers in the basement and garage that my mom wasn’t planning to use so I might be able to do more. I also found some bamboo poles and I thought about making a trellis for peas or beans, although I might be getting ahead of myself.


This is the front flower garden. We’ve pulled up the majority of that black weed-resistant material and my mother wants to put in mulch or something else that isn’t such a pain in the ass to work around.


I call this the half-moon garden. She wants all this dug up this year and put in a butterfly garden. She ordered the new plants online and should come sometime this month.

Anyway, that’s our plan for the season. Are you gardening this year?

State of the Garden; May 8, 2014 [with pictures!]

Wow, what a difference two weeks can make!

Front Garden

Front Garden


Our front garden is looking good and there are some sprouts popping out from the ground. Husband bought me some shears last week and I went to work trimming up the apple tree and rose bush. I did a couple other trees on the property, but it was the apple and rose that really needed it.








Side Garden

Side Garden


Tulips still haven’t flowered, but I checked them this morning and there are flower buds on some.










Well Garden

Well Garden


The brown leaves on this one and the floppy leaves makes me wonder if the late spring isn’t doing some damage.










Apple Tree

Apple Tree


Buds on the apple tree. I took a bunch of suckers from the lower branches and trunk. I’m only so tall so I couldn’t get them all. I’d love to know what kind of apples grow on this tree.









Lilac Tree

Lilac Tree


Lilac tree is budding nicely. I have some Facebook friends who have posted pictures of their lilacs already in bloom. This makes me anxious for ours.












My sedum. I need to remove the old growth. I don’t know why but I always leave it until I see new growth.










Backyard Trees

Backyard Trees


The three other trees in our backyard. And look at that grass. I mentioned to Sithboy that he might need to get out this weekend and mow.










Shade Trees

Shade Trees


These are our shade trees. That branch has been broke since the December ice storm. It took out my clothes line too. The whole thing is coming down but the one behind it stays.












My peonies. I’ll mess with this as it grows. I may need to re-align the tomato cage. This is an old plant. We originally got about six peonies from my husband’s grandmother. That was about fifteen years ago, and they were close to thirty years old at that point.








So far, I’ve seen only three perennials return. I don’t know if it was the hard winter or what. I have a feeling Husband killed the daisy-looking one when he trampled on it. It tried to kill him so no love lost there.

Bachelor Buttons

Bachelor Buttons


Bachelor Buttons. Such a pretty blue/purple coloured flower. These things are indestructible.










Fern-like plant.

Fern-like plant.


This is a fern-type plant. I can’t remember the name. I think the flowers are pretty. We’ll have to wait and find out.













This is some kind of phlox. I got it from my MIL garden when she was getting ride of her flowers. I’m hoping it flowers before the peonies gets too bushy. This is an old plant too, but I don’t think it’s as old as the peonies.









No pictures of the veggie garden. It still looks like crap.

This time of year things start to grow like crazy. I bet in another two-weeks there will be flowers! That is, if the snow stays away. Seriously Mother Nature, enough all ready.

Gardens? Hello gardens? Are you there?

It’s coming up to that time of the year, folks. My gardens are SCREAMING for some attention. We have plans for all the gardens this year, but whether or not we do them is another matter. Husband has been doing a lot of side jobs this last year and he can’t seem to shake the habit. I took these pictures yesterday.

Garden - veggie, April '14This is my veggie garden, but right now, it’s a mass of weeds, dead crops from last season and a couple buckets of ash from the woodstove. That white thing you see is part of a clothes rack we had for drying clothes by the woodstove. I can’t remember what reason Husband put it in there.








Garden - front, April '14This is the front garden. That big green blob are Bachelor Buttons. They’re a nice purple/blue and I planted a few of them, but this is the only one that survived. That other green blob farther up and to the left is a ferny kind of perennial and I think one of the two we have to relocate. There are two that get so tall they crowd out everything else. My peonies, that light brown blob at the top of the picture, haven’t bothered to poke their buds out yet. I don’t blame them.






Garden - side, April '14This is the side garden. For years I would get down on my hands and knees and dig up the grass and other stuff. I’m not going to bother anymore. I think I’ll plant spring bulbs in here and let them go wild. The former owner dug up all the bulbs before she moved (bitch), but she missed a few and they multiplied. We tried planting some evergreen shrubs but because the dryer vent is right there, they died off. The plant that’s there is called a spirea and has beautiful white flowers all over it.






Garden - well, April '14This is the well. I planted tulips on three sides one year and they still keep coming up. I was going to have a whole slew of spring bulbs around it, I still may too.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can get out and make them look a little better. Husband has a great idea for the barrels this year and I’m excited about experimenting!

Are you gardening this year?

Free Flying Thursday! With Pictures!

Nothing special about this post. Just thought I’d show you some recent pictures from around the house.

Remember my rose bush?

Well, now it looks like this.








I heard a lot of swalking outside, and when I went to look I found this.


















I blew up the pic, but he’s still pretty hard to see. I couldn’t get too close, he started chirping and I was afraid he would fall off and hurt himself.

Anyway, that’s all the garden pictures for now.


Flowers are here! So are the damn chipmunks!

I’ve been busy with revisions to book three, but I just wanted to drop a post and show you how the gardens are going.

First of all, I’d like to say that I really, really dislike chipmunks. We planted eight stalks of corn, and as you can see, the little buggers have chewed just about all the stalks. Husband isn’t happy either. We live in an area where there are corn stalks all over the place, why the hell did they go after ours?


















*sigh* Anyway, all the other veggies are doing good, so I’m happy about that. Peas/beans are starting to pop up. I won’t know what they are until they’re a little more developed.









Bugger chipmunk got to my flower garden too. You can’t see it in this picture, but they ate one of my flowers.









Here is my peonies. Next year I’m going to keep more stalks in the center.









And here is my climbing rose bush. Pile of flower buds still coming out. I’m going to try and get a new author pic in front of it.











How are your gardens coming along?

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