The Knitting Project: Wrist Warmers

knittingMy socks project a bust, and the pattern I had for wrist warmer was another bust, but I’m not giving up! I will have wrist warmers with this yarn!


new yarn

I tried creating my own pattern that had a cable, but after a few testers I scrubbed that idea. The first tester I did, everything was fine until I got to the thumb hole. I casted off twelve stiches and then the whole thing was too small for the fingers.

Meh…I suck at designing my own, so I went online and found a simply pattern. So far, so good.



Maybe when I figure this whole thing out, I can design a pattern of my own. Until then, there are plenty of patterns out there already. The problem is finding one that I like.

The Knitting Project: Free Holiday Knits

With my socks project a bust, I was leery about starting another one so soon, but then I came across this yarn in Walmart.

new yarn

So, I’m going to knit up a pair of wrist warmers, with a cable pattern (just to bump up my knitting experience), and maybe another hat to go with it. I love the smell of a new project!

Anyway…since I’m all excited, I thought I’d pass on my excitement with a few patterns. As Christmas is right around the corner and most people have their shopping done, what do you get someone who has everything? If you’re a knitter, why not make them something? It’s personal and (I think) will mean more to them because you took the time to make them something.

Here are a few ideas.



lace-and-mohair-inifinity-scarf_Medium_ID-654389Infinity Scarf – They’re all the rage now. Fashionable and warm, what’s not to love?




leg-warmers1Leg Warmers – The perfect project for a beginner!



montera-new_Medium_ID-509833Montera Slouchy Hat – Need more of a challenge? Try this knitted hat!




downton-abbey-hat_Medium_ID-568752Downton Hat – Are you a fan of the show? Why not make something to go with it?



I got these patterns from All Free Knitting.

Knitting Project: Wrist Warmers.

I worked on this like crazy before the holidays, but a few days around Christmas I put it down and forgot about it until the other day. I have one knitted up, I just needed to sew the seam, and I’m hoping to start on the mate this weekend.











I just LOVE the colour and as you can see it’s more than just a wrist warmer, it’s a whole arm warmer. Not that I mind; arms get cold too. This pattern is perfect for those cooler nights when you want to wear a short sleeve. Very, very simple pattern to follow. I might make another pair but include a cable on the top. Now I think that would look nice.

If you’re interested in making your own pair, here’s the link.


A Snowflake Sweater that Wasn’t

I like to knit. It’s relaxing, creative, and people seem to like getting a home-made gift rather than a store-bought one. I think they mean more to people. It shows that you really think their special because of all the time and effort it took to make the gift, but sometimes, things don’t go the way you want.

I was knitting a sweater for my aunt’s grandson. I had the sweater done a good week and a half before Christmas. All that was left was to sew up the seams and do the collar, but Fate had a different idea. The seams were fine, no problem there even though they were raglan seams, but as I was picking up the stitches to knit the collar, something went amiss. Instead of having each piece line up (like those cut-out paper people), it got all hooked together. Not what I wanted. Oh sure, I could have pulled out the stitches and did it over, but some of the stitches were from stitch holders, and I would have lost more than I wanted.

Heh, ask me how many new swear words I created…

I was not happy as this all came down on Friday—two days before Christmas.  There was no way I could get it done in time. I conceded defeat, and went out and bought him a set of CARS p.j’s. Not what I wanted to give him, but he liked them none-the-less. As a matter of fact, I think he liked the p.j.’s better. Ah well. There’s always his birthday.     

~Happy Knitting!~

Hobbies! Hobbies! Hobbies!

Okay, this is going to be an update post, as I’ve got a few hobbies finishing up, and a few more starting.

This is the state of my veggie garden. Horrible, isn’t it. The weeds just took right over and the few nights of frost we had killed off everything. Well, almost everything. See that green up front inbetween the two browns? Guess what that is? Celery. Yup. Even after two nights of below freezing temps, the celery is still nice and green. Too bad it’s too thin to harvest. I can’t put water on it because the sun is too weak and won’t evaporate, so the plants would be sitting in damp soil all the time.


And this is the scarf I started a few weeks back. Crap, it’s long and I’m still on the first ball of yarn! It isn’t going to be very warm. I think it’s one of those accessory scarfs.   





This is a sweater I knitted for Husbands grandmother. I did it a couple years ago, and forgot about it until my mother-in-law showed it to me. She told me she liked Cardinals and when I saw the pattern in a magazine I just had to knit it up for her. I don’t know if she ever wore it, but I’m glad I did it anyway. This was also the project where I learned I’m a loose knitter. Poor woman was swimming in it.



And I’m working on perfecting the best hot chocolate recipe. Hopefully I’ll have it ready in time for the holidays. We’re going to go into the city and buy special mugs for hot chocolate. I LOVE sitting my a roaring fire, watching a holiday movie and drinking hot chocolate from a holiday mug.

Zoinks! New Yarn!

Went into Zellers on Monday and it went something like this:

Me: Hey, yarn. Hey! Christmas yarn! OMG! SPARKLY CHRISTMAS YARN!

Husband to Sithboy: Get her purse. She’s got the Visa in there.

Me: *drool**drool**drool*

 Yes, I am a sucker for the seasonal yarn that graciously appears this time of year. You can’t really knit anything big with it, and if you did it would cost you a fortune anyway, but it’s always nice to look at. One day, I will buy some Christmas yarn, and I will knit something. It may be a pillow cover or a decorative dishcloth, but mark my words, I will do it.

As my family dragged me out of the yarn section (that must have looked cute), we passed the .99c yarn bin. The same bin I got the dark blue yarn the week before. So I bought the last two balls of shimmering grey yarn.








All is right with the world.

I’ve set my mind on knitting a sleeveless top, something for the summer that would go well with that black skirt I posted a while back. I have light blue yarn and have found several possible projects. Oh, and I really, really like this project.

I also found (through a friend on Facebook) a project for a knitted Victorian choker. It looks really nice, but I didn’t care for the yarn they used in the photo. To clunky in my opinion.

I think something like that needs a thinner yarn.

Hobby – Knitting (Update)

Here’s the scarf.

It’s about four feet long and it didn’t take me long to knit it up; just over two weeks, but it was an easy pattern. Even with the annoying yarn I could have done it with my eyes closed. It’s long, which I knew it would be, and despite the type of yarn, it is rather warm. Mind you, I can wrap it around my neck a few times, and that would block out any wind.

My next project is going to be some kind of sleeveless top to go with a black skirt. 

Hobbies! – New Knitting Project

I love to knit. I discovered it when I was about seventeen, when my mother was knitting a wrap for my grandmother. I remember the yarn, soft pastels of yellow, blue and pink. I learned on an extra ball she had left over, and I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve knitted a baby blanket for my best friend, skirts, several sweaters for the family, and plenty of scarfs and mittens. I find it relaxing even though it strains my eyesight even more than writing.  My latest project is a scarf, but not one that would really keep me warm, it’s more of an accessory. I’m using eyelash yarn, and it’s a bugger. If you’ve never used it, be warned, it’s a real bugger. I bought the last three balls of a black/red combo and knitting it up on 4cm needles at 20 st.

Eyelash yarn is beautiful, but like I said a real bugger. So many floating pieces getting in the way of the main thread and you can easily lose track of your stitches and either add more or drop them. Maybe that’s why it’s not very popular any more. When it first came out I made a scarf, and two balls cost me over $13 with tax. The three I bought the other night cost me less that $12

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