The Green Side of Life: Veggie Garden August 2022.

I posted pictures and a video of the garden HERE. There’s a bit of commentary, but basically, I kinda rock when it comes to growing tomatoes. I thought I had four kinds, normal, grape, Roma, and cherry. Turns out I didn’t. What I thought were Roma tomatoes turned out to be grape. If they all ripen at once I’ll have more than I can use, so people at work will get some. Hubby also said I should give some to the food kitchen in town. I like that idea better.

Squash are doing wonderful. I was worried for a while because the first fruit was turning yellow and falling off the vine. I read up about it and it said that the fruit wasn’t being pollinated. Okay, the problem with that is, that there were no flower blooms on them. I have four vines growing off each plant and now they’re doing wonderful now. I thought one plant was a pumpkin, but nope. Both butternut squash.

Cucumbers are doing good, despite what the video showed. I just forgot to water them that morning. I don’t mind the peppers being that small either. They have more flavour and I use the whole pepper instead of just part of it. I had one that turned orange, but it went soft very quickly.

The only herb I lost was sage, and my carrots went too. I’m not sure about the leeks or lettuce. Those were more of ‘let’s see if I can grow it’, deal.

Pictures of the garden are HERE.

Video is HERE.

The Green Side of Life: It’s that time of year!

To be thinking about gardens, and no, it’s not too early either.

I’ve done container gardens for the last few years, with some veggies planted in the main garden. The container ones were good, but I found I have to water A LOT to keep up with the plant’s needs, and the last few summers we had long hot spells, I couldn’t keep up with it all.

This year is going to be different. While I’ll still use the containers, I’m also doing raised beds in the back yard. Mum is always saying how there’s not enough ground to really do a good garden (I disagree) and when she took down two tall evergreen bushes at the front of the deck, I thought the space it left behind would be a perfect place to do two raised gardens. That’s my plan and made more real over the holidays when Hubby bought me a $300 gift card from Home Depot for the wood, and Sithboy got me a seed starter. I am seriously looking forward to this summer. I might even take some time off to get the garden ready.

It should be big enough to put in four kinds of tomatoes (yes, you read that right), and a few other things. I need to document how much sun the area gets, but it should be good. The only obstacle is the neighbours maple tree, but I don’t think it shades the back deck. As for the containers, I’m not putting them on the deck. It seemed like a good idea at the time but pulling the hose all the way up there was really a nuisance.

She’s had three trees taken down over the last few years (they were dead or dying) and that’s opened up the yard quite a bit. I’m also thinking of using the ‘dark’ end of the garden. The maple tree is at the far corner of the neighbours property, and the damn thing shades half her main garden. I’ve done some research and I think I can plant some spinach and other leafy veggies there. That would be cool. I did spinach a few years back and it got so hot out that the whole thing went to seed.

First step is documenting the area of light. I took a few pictures yesterday and I’ll do that every month on the same day and time. It’ll take me a whole year to map out the area, but I’ll have a better understanding of where I can plant things.

You can see for yourself what the yard looks like HERE.

The ideas are brewing!

The Green Side of Life: Garden update August 2021

I set out to garden late in the season, and I’m still surprised I got anything in the ground, let alone growing, but it happened. I used the containers my mother bought last year again, and because I started so late, I didn’t get a lot of what I wanted so I had to start just about everything from seeds.

I have pictures, but because this post is very picture heavy, I’m posting them on Instagram and posted the link here.

My veggie garden:

Instagram link:

This year I planted tomatoes, green peppers, squash, cucumbers, beets, and sweet potatoes.

Most of my plants are in containers. I do really well with them, but as you can see, the tomatoes just go nuts. I started all my tomatoes from seeds I got from a roma tomato. As you can see, they haven’t started to turn red. Next year, I’m starting them earlier.

Green peppers are doing well and I’ve already had a couple. Cucumbers were so strange. I started them by seed and all they did at first was just clump in one spot. I couldn’t get them to climb at all. My squash seems to only have male flowers, no female, but it’s still early so we’ll see, and my sweet potatoes are a bust. I don’t know whats under the ground, but I don’t think it’ll be nice. Beets are a bust too, and my strawberries that I had from last year gave a few, but I think I’ll have to seperate them and plant them in the ground next year.

Hubby’s Garden:

Instagram link:

He did wonderful this year. He planted tomatoes, green peppers, squash, peas, eggplant and beans. He did a lot better than I did, especially with tomatoes and squash, and I’ve never seen beans like this before. I am so growing these next year. Unfortunately, we had some strong storms blow through and the last one blew over the beans, but you can see from the pictures that it was pretty tall.

Did you garden this year? How did you do? Anything you want to plant next year that you didn’t this year?

From The Garden: A June Update

It’s been a long time since I did any gardening. Last summer I didn’t feel like it, even though Husband did plant some tomatoes. This year I’m feeling a little more ambitious, but first a few pictures of the flower gardens.

Front garden is looking good this year. Still needs some colour down at the front. Maybe when the annuals go on sale we’ll pick some up.


Remember the half-moon garden from last month? This is it now. It’s going to be a butterfly garden. below are some other flowers growing around the property.

Below are some of the other flowers around the property.

Now onto the veggies.

Beets and radishes in containers. They’re already sprouting, but I can’t remember which is which.


Carrots will take some time. Two weeks to sprout.


I read that you could grow cucumbers up a trellis, so I bought a sturdy metal one. I can secure it to the deck if need be.


Red peppers. I was going for green, but when I saw the built-in trellis I thought what the hell.


Basil. One of three herbs we bought this year.


There are herbs in here….somewhere….I should do some weeding.


How are your gardens doing this year?

From The Garden: The Start of a New Season

It’s that time again folks! Garden season!


This year I’m doing a container garden. The ground here doesn’t have much in the way of earth and a raised garden is too expensive and time consuming to construct right now. I found a site called The Seed Guy [visit The Seed Guy Web Site ] that has the information on the size of containers I’d need. Looking over the page made me think that I could do a huge container garden. Just put it in the right amount of light and off I go. So, I’m hoping to do bi-weekly updates on this project to keep me accountable.


This is the back yard. A bit of a mess right now, but as the leaves fill out, it will go bright sun on the far left to shade on the far right. I originally wanted to do tomatoes (2), green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, radishes and a squash, but I found a bunch of containers in the basement and garage that my mom wasn’t planning to use so I might be able to do more. I also found some bamboo poles and I thought about making a trellis for peas or beans, although I might be getting ahead of myself.


This is the front flower garden. We’ve pulled up the majority of that black weed-resistant material and my mother wants to put in mulch or something else that isn’t such a pain in the ass to work around.


I call this the half-moon garden. She wants all this dug up this year and put in a butterfly garden. She ordered the new plants online and should come sometime this month.

Anyway, that’s our plan for the season. Are you gardening this year?

State of the Garden: August 1, 2014

I just wanted to post some pictures of how the veggie garden is coming. I’m not sure how I did it, but the whole thing exploded. So much so, we’re thinking of extending it another four feet next year. Click on the picture for a closer look.








My biggest surprise was the zucchini and cabbage. Had I thought they would get to be so big, I would have made other plans. I’m not sure when to harvest either the cabbage or the Brussels sprouts, and I’ve harvested several large zucchini already and a few onions.








I’ve never seen tomatoes grow like this before.








And this is how Brussels sprouts grow.








My herbs runneth over….








And the barrels are producing fruit, once Sitboy stopped mowing over the vines…









IMG_20140724_194007 IMG_20140724_194044



Gardens? Hello gardens? Are you there?

It’s coming up to that time of the year, folks. My gardens are SCREAMING for some attention. We have plans for all the gardens this year, but whether or not we do them is another matter. Husband has been doing a lot of side jobs this last year and he can’t seem to shake the habit. I took these pictures yesterday.

Garden - veggie, April '14This is my veggie garden, but right now, it’s a mass of weeds, dead crops from last season and a couple buckets of ash from the woodstove. That white thing you see is part of a clothes rack we had for drying clothes by the woodstove. I can’t remember what reason Husband put it in there.








Garden - front, April '14This is the front garden. That big green blob are Bachelor Buttons. They’re a nice purple/blue and I planted a few of them, but this is the only one that survived. That other green blob farther up and to the left is a ferny kind of perennial and I think one of the two we have to relocate. There are two that get so tall they crowd out everything else. My peonies, that light brown blob at the top of the picture, haven’t bothered to poke their buds out yet. I don’t blame them.






Garden - side, April '14This is the side garden. For years I would get down on my hands and knees and dig up the grass and other stuff. I’m not going to bother anymore. I think I’ll plant spring bulbs in here and let them go wild. The former owner dug up all the bulbs before she moved (bitch), but she missed a few and they multiplied. We tried planting some evergreen shrubs but because the dryer vent is right there, they died off. The plant that’s there is called a spirea and has beautiful white flowers all over it.






Garden - well, April '14This is the well. I planted tulips on three sides one year and they still keep coming up. I was going to have a whole slew of spring bulbs around it, I still may too.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can get out and make them look a little better. Husband has a great idea for the barrels this year and I’m excited about experimenting!

Are you gardening this year?

It’s summer! Garden time! With pictures!

The only thing that gets me through the long cold winter is the knowledge that come spring, my gardens are going to come alive! We’re doing a veggie garden again, and so far, things look good!


Flower Garden



Here is the front garden this year. It’s filled out quite a bit more than last year.










Husband’s Grandmother’s lupines’ came up and they look beautiful!









White and Blue Forget-me-not’s from my Mother’s garden.









I can’t remember the name of this flower, but it’s flowers are a burnt orange.






pic5Impatient, but it’s stuck in the shadow of the neighbour plant, so I’m not sure how big it’s going to get.







pic6My Deep Purple petunias. I love these! The colour is so dark and rich.








pic7My peonies. The plant is so top heavy once the flowers come out. I put a tomato cage around them, but even that can’t keep them up.







pic8I forget the name of this flowering bush, but it’s so beautiful and full of blooms.







pic9Our Mesquite tree in bloom. So beautiful.








pic10We put red and white petunias in the two barrels and I’m hoping the over-run the barrel by July 1st.







Veggie Garden  

We’re only doing veggies we know we can grow. No more experiments for us. I took this picture the other day. The weeds are going to be bigger by the time I get back to weeding it.










2Front-yellow peppers, middle and back-tomatoes.








3Onions. Nothing but onions. Big, small, red.








4Two rows of radishes at the back and a row of lettuce.








5Two rows of carrots. Now I did get in and do some weeding last weekend.








6Squash and cucumbers. We have early squash and butternut.








7I also put in some beans and peas along the fence. The beans were self-sowing.







What are you growing this year?

The End of my 2012 Garden

This summer was brutal. I can’t remember when we had such a long period of hot weather. I got curious and looked it up online. They’re calling this year’s drought the worst in a decade. I can believe that.

I was really excited about the garden this year. I was doing well too; kept it weeded, watered every morning, but the heat was too much. I couldn’t keep up with the water demands. We don’t have a hose, so I had to lug two, two-litre watering cans across the year. It quickly turned into a burden. Husband said next year we’ll get a hose. Great, but our hookup in on the opposite side of the house that the garden is on.

The garden didn’t yield much either. Both cucumber plants died off mid-July, and the tomatoes were taking forever to ripe. We got a few string beans, enough to have for one dinner. No peas, broccoli or cauliflower because of the heat. Watermelon vine just up and quit, and the ‘early’ squash wasn’t early at all. It ripened around the same time as the regular. We got three good size squash off of two plants. Considering the amount of blooms, I’m upset.

Green peppers weren’t as big as last year. By the time we realized this, they were turning orange. They’ were still good, but I just wasn’t in the mood for red peppers. Not many tomatoes grew on the vine and the ones we did ripen were either eaten by critters or they got that black rot on the bottom. I think we got 3?  Ah well, maybe next year.

So, how did you fare this growing season?

Veggie Garden-1, Chipmunk-0

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted pictures of the veggie garden. I’m surprised, the little critters have managed to keep out of it. I think it had something to do with my scent when I weeded. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

So, the veggies are doing really good. Even the ones we planted late.

The green pepper plant has started to flower,

And we have tomatoes on the vine.








The broccoli has floweretts already, which is surprising as it was one of the secondary veggies we planted.







These are the vines (l-r) cucumber, butternut squash, cucumber. No flowers yet.







These are the veggies we planted to replace the corn (top left) watermelon, (bottom left) early squash, (centre) corn, (bottom right) lettuce.







And then a whole pile of cauliflower. We have six plants total. I don’t know if I can eat that much cauliflower, though.







These are peas, green beans and yellow beans. Don’t ask me which are which. Husband planted them so I have no idea.






Oh, and beans/peas in a barrel. They started hooking on to each other and I had to break a few runners to pull them apart, but so far, so good.

I don’t know which surprises me more; the fact these are growing so well, or that I’m keeping up with the maintenance. We didn’t do a garden last year and the year before I was excited but that quickly changed. I don’t know why I changed this year. Maybe it’s all those reports I keep hearing about how we need to get back into eating real food.


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