Writing Update: Friday, July 31, 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve done a writing update. I think the last was back in spring or so when I was posting video updates. With the pandemic, my writing suffered. I had almost two months off and I did next to no writing on anything. I didn’t think I was under stress, but after learning that others were in the same place, yeah, maybe I was. Stress can mess with you in ways you’d never think. I thought I was handling all this fine, turns out I wasn’t. Jump forward several months and I’m back writing again. Going back to work was stressful too. They gave us long hours and my days off were spent trying to recover from those shifts, so I didn’t get any writing done again, and then we had to put Miss Molly down. This has not been an easy time.

A big shock to me was learning that Microsoft won’t be supporting Word 10 after October. I know there’s a rare chance that it’ll stop working, but with my luck that’s just what will happen and I’ll lose all my progress. So I broke down and downloaded Scrivener trial for the third time. This time, I did the tutorial. Took me the better part of the morning, but I can see where this program is preferred so much over Word. It’s about $30-$40 cheaper and has organizational elements that are incredible.  My mind went into overdrive with this feature and now I have so much information about a WIP that I’m excited to write on it again.

I FINALLY heard back from SF Canada, and am now member.

Even with all this, there was progress made, so let’s get started.

Survival Rules: Finished editing this and had a beta look over it. I wrote a query and started subbing in April to a select few agents I thought would be a good fit. The list wasn’t that big; thirteen to fifteen altogether. After querying agents and basically going nowhere, I made out a list of indie publishers who took this genre. I didn’t sub to them all at once, but rather I am doing this one at a time. It’ll take longer no doubt, but it’ll give me the chance to work on the other novels in the series.

Scrivener will be really good for me and my serial projects. I’ve already transferred the second half of this novel (it was originally 120k) to the program and am sorting things out.

The first sub was a new Tor imprint – Nightfire. It’s going to take a while to hear back from them, but I’ll let you know when I do either way.

Short Story – I subbed an old short of mine to Abyss & Apex. I like short stories, I don’t write enough of them. They are a paying market, and like Nightfire, I will let you know either way when I hear from them.

Gutterchilde – Do you remember this one? I’ve worked on it for years now. I got up to chapter fourteen and quit. It just wasn’t going anywhere. That’s changed. With the new writing program I came up with a story that really excites me. It started as a Steampunk, but now I don’t think I’ll continue it that way. I have another idea and I’m bringing back some supernatural elements to it as well. Hell, I even have a map! The Time After is a reference in the story to the beginning of this world’s calendar. There is no set calendar for this world, so each region has it’s own. Some are old, and some change with the government. My goal is to eventually have a global calendar, but I want to explore all the different ones first.

Down Finnegan’s Hollow – This is another story that benefited from the new writing program. I have one chapter left to revise and then I can go through and make sure everything flows properly. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it; it’s one of those projects I just want done.

Anyway, that’s it for now. With the summer being so hot, it’s nice to stay inside and write, but I’m hoping August will be a little more productive.

Writing Update: June 23rd, 2017

writingupdateThis week we usher in summer and I’d like to say that I stuck to my timetable and have some of these WIPs complete, but that would be lying. I keep jumping back and forth between projects, or create new ones. The way I write, I’m surprised I have six books published, but I have been writing, so that’s a good thing. I have cut back on how many projects I’m working on. Just two for now; one novel and one script.

Okay, so here we go . . .


WIP Novel #6: Down Finnegan’s Hollow (thriller)

Work on this novel is gradual. I have managed to revise the first three chapters, incorporating the new plot idea that I live tweeted about. I cut out several characters and switched the protagonist to one of the others, but nothing’s set in stone. Even as I write this, I’m wondering if it’s too ‘predictable’. I have an alternative idea that won’t take up too many revisions, but I want to get this run-through done first before I see if the alternative would work better. Will probably need to send it to a beta reader.


3# Malice (supernatural tv series)

This month, I worked on some script writing too. As some of you know, I have a zombie-plague series that I poke at. It’s gone through as many revisions and plot twists as DFH. A while back I wondered what the lives would be like for the descendants of that same plague. Rebuilding the new world from the ruins of the old one, and what would happen to the plague zombies that I created. As I explored this idea, it occurred to me that maybe new creatures would pop up, a direct result of the plague. So many new and interesting things could happen, and it would have an old west feel with some surviving modern world tech. Not Steampunk either. This idea captured my imagination and I started writing it as a novel, but then realised that it’s more of a script sort of thing. I’m taking the seven chapters that I wrote and turning each into an episode. So far I have part of the first two episodes written, but this way I can explore the characters more in depth, which is what I was hoping to do through the novels.

I like script writing, and I’m getting better at it. Like all other forms of writing, practise makes perfect, right?


Anyhoo . . . this is all I’ve accomplished in the last month.

How about you? How has your writing been progressing? Anything exciting you want to spill?

Writing Update: May 26th, 2017.

writingupdateOne thing I never hear from fellow writers is, they never run out of ideas. As it is with me. If you look at all the WIPs I have, you could say I’m working on six at any given time. That doesn’t include scripts either.

WIP Novel #1: EarthenStone

I haven’t worked on this story since last month, so no update for it.

WIP Novel #2: Survival Rules (plaque/zombie)

No update.

WIP Novel #3: Cashe (cyberpunk)

No update.

WIP Novel #4: Untitled Alternate Reality

No update.

WIP Novel #5: Arlington Creed, Detective (Steampunk)

No update.

WIP Novel #6: Down Finnegan’s Hollow (Thriller)

Oh yeah, all over this one again. I haven’t touched it since my little incident with the bus stop sign, but it’s one of two that is complete (the other is my Gothic story that I put on hold because I’m not sure what to do with it). I’ve been working a lot the last month at ‘job that pays’, so I’m only able to revise a few pages at a time. I’ve also come up with a more plausible ‘death’ element. I’m also trying to make it more creepy. I want the reader’s mind to play tricks on them when the put the book down, or maybe jump a little when they hear a strange sound. I’m half way through the manuscript. If I keep working on it, two pages per day (as that seems to be all I have time for) I could have this revised by the end of June. I’ll have to go over it once more, to make sure the old ‘death element’ is not mentioned and that the new plot idea merges with the rest of the story. I’d be looking at the end of September as a deadline for both revisions.

Not even looking at my scripts. I am so behind on those.


I’m getting better with my blog post. I have idea’s marked out for the rest of the year. I don’t try to push myself. If I don’t have an idea, I won’t force it. I just let that post go and hope I can find something else to write about. I missed a few last month, but I think I got them all done for May and June looks pretty complete too.

How about you? How has your writing been progressing? Anything exciting you want to spill?

Writing Update: April 28th, 2017

writingupdateWhat a month! Between work and other thing (dental, ugh) I’m surprised I got any writing done at all, but I did.

So here we go . . .

WIP Novel #1:

Okay, this story is messing with me. First I thought it was magical realism, now I think it’s just plain urban fantasy. I don’t know. I had to go back and revise certain parts to make the story sound plausible (plot-wise) and I’m almost caught up to where I left off. I still have chapter five to go over, and less that 1k on chapter six written.  I have a working title for it too – EarthenStone. For now.

WIP Novel #2: Survival Rules

Again, another plot revision and I’m up to where I left off, but because the story has changed so dramatically most of what I have written from before won’t be salvageable. I may be able to use some of it, but not much. I mean, I’m talking about the very, first, draft when my character was a whiney twenty-something and I’ve turned her into a recovering addict, and mother with military background. I’m on chapter eight and I have fifteen written. I’m also wondering if I can hold to my promise that this story will be told in one book, and not spread out over several. I’m close to fifty-thousand words now and only half-way through the story. It was the one thing that drove me nuts when I read other zombie novels; I’d have to buy three or four more books before the characters were in a safe place. I have two other stories planned for this series and I’ve made them all stand-alone for that reason, but who will buy a zombie novel that’s close to a hundred-thousand words?

WIP Novel #3:

Have I mentioned that I’m back into my cyberpunk novel? I’m just not happy unless I’m torturing myself? I don’t know why this starting poking at me again, but it did. I’m close to finishing the second chapter.


I got a few less blog post written during the last month. A few were due to lack of material or time. I have to make the time to write out posts and take pictures. It takes a while to get into a habit of doing things. Maybe a bit more time.


How has your writing been going?

Writing Update: March 17th, 2017

Work has picked up again and so I’m getting more shifts. This has cut into my writing time, but mostly I’ve procrastinated because on my days off I just don’t feel like it. Some days my brain is just a blank and I hate the idea of forcing myself to write something, but I’ve still managed to get some done in the last month.

I think I’ve come up with a good title for my MagicalRealism/UrbanFantasy novel; EARTHENSTONE. I’m about seven chapters in and then I realised an important plot point (the conflict of how the MC enters this magical world) wasn’t as strong or as detailed as I thought it was. It also didn’t make much sense and it veered me off from the original outline I had. I went back through the first few chapters and tightened it up so hopefully I’m back on track.

I’ve been poking at another project that I will call AltHistory/ Epistolary novel. Epistolary means written as a series of documents. Think Frankenstein or Dracula. It’s based during WWI Canada, and will have an interesting twist to the outcome/duration of the war. It’ll still take four years, but things will not go as our history did. I’m especially interested to write out how the Suffrage Movement will be affected. WWI advanced it faster than any other event. I know this because I did my short thesis paper on it. The best thing about this story is that I’ve based it in Kingston and I want to include real events from that era. I plan on doing some research and reading over microfilm of newspapers at one of the university libraries. I actually get giddy when I think about it. I have about 1,500 words done and had to top as I needed some historical events to include and I still haven’t done any research.

I haven’t looked at SURVIVAL RULES since last month. Right now I’m more focused on the other two. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up on it, but Earthenstone and the other WIP are a priority right now. If I had more time I could work on it, but as I still need to do a serious re-write on the rest of the chapters I already have, I’ll need a lot more time and energy to work on it.


Writing Update: February 17th, 2017

Wow, it’s been over six months since I did a writing update, and I’m really ashamed to say that I haven’t accomplished much writing in those months. I’m not a huge fan of forced writing but I don’t believe in ‘waiting for the Muse’ either. If I did that, I’d be spending my days doing nothing but waiting. So, what’s been going on?

I’ve stopped revising Down Finnegan’s Hollow.  I did a bit of revision to it to make sure certain details were accurate, especially the timelines, but other than that, I haven’t really worked on it. The first draft is finished so all it needs is a good revision, but right now it’s not interesting to me. Maybe because of a new story idea? It came to me while I was reading one of the classic books I downloaded from the Gutenberg Project. That, along with my English thesis research really sparked an idea. It’s going to be slow going on this one; a lot of research required that I can’t get online, but it should be interesting to see where it goes.

Plague novel is really exciting to me right now. I added in the extra bits I needed, and have a solid revision of the first seven chapters. I also managed to connect these novels with the post-apocalyptic novel set in the future, so that’s cool. It’s just a matter of revising the rest of the first novel, finishing it and the other two in the series. The second series is really cool too with a different take on some old monsters.

I did NaNo this year too. Didn’t finish as work picked up and that shot it all to Hell. My novel; a magical realism story. I’d like to see this one in the hands of an agent, as long as they don’t ask me to change it to YA. Nothing wrong with YA, but not every novel on the planet has to be YA. Seriously. Anyway, if you’re curious I posted a short excerpt HERE..

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m hoping to do an update at least once a month, so here’s to accountability and a new year!

Oh, and have you noticed that I’ve been keeping up with my blog posts. *pats on back*

How was your 2016 for writing?

Writing Update: May 20, 2016

Spring is not a good season for me. I got very little writing done, but it seemed as though life was really getting in the way this month. I’ve done very well on the blogging, but it’s only been – what, a month? Also, I’m signed up to upgrade my English at the college, so that will bite into my extra time come June, but I want to get this done and over with.

I’m working on revisions for Down Finnegan’s Hollow. That’s been a slow process as I can only get about two pages per day done. It’s not a major revision; just tightening up the prose and adding more detail. I may have to do one more pass when I’m done.

The plague novel has been on hold for a few weeks. I came up with a really good sub-plot, so there’s more danger than just plague zombies running around, but now I have to include it in the chapters that I’ve already revised, and that’s the problem. Again, slow going, but I think it’ll be worth it. I’m also looking at cutting a lot of what was in the original draft. It was boring anyway, and I came up with a really good ending which is a good tie in to the second book!

Last, but not least, I’m working on my Steampunk novel The Man from D.U.D.E again. It just won’t stop poking at me and I thought I could work on it during the weekends. It’s not going to be a long novel, maybe a novella, which is fine with me. It’s just getting the first draft done that’s a bugger.

How has your writing been?

Writing Update: April 22, 2016

coollogo_com-1761011869 (1)I realized the other day that I’ve been wading through the indie publishing market for close to seven years now. The first thing I had published were articles in the local newspaper in 2009, and since then there have been several short stories, a few novels and more articles for a metaphysical online website. All of this has been great, but don’t worry, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I just wanted to take stock of everything that’s happened in the last few years. I tend to do this when I decide to change something.

In the past, I’ve only put out ebooks. I didn’t have enough money to have both print and digital, and at the time, digital was cheaper as I could do most of the hard work myself. Now, I have a bit more money so I’ve decided to redo some covers and make up print books of my paranormal series. Because the first few are short, I’ll be combining them, two books at a time, but the first one I’m releasing will be the most recent, and the one I’ve always considered a stand-alone; The Saints of Belvedere Road. Check out the cover art for the print book.


You can purchase the book here;

The Saints of Belvedere Road on Createspace.

As for the rest of the series, I’m still not sure about it. The ideas are there, but I’ve had several other projects occupy my time. I’ve written two full length scripts and several episodes of a tv series, and I’m revamping my plague novel. The last two projects have taken up my time these last few months, and while I’m not sure if anyone will ever see the scripts, I plan on releasing the plague novel when it’s ready. Maybe around Halloween? Not sure. It’s a massive re-write so it’s going to take some time. Anyway, that’s it on this end.

I’m also slowly getting back into blogging. I like blogging, I really do. I like the way I can talk about other subjects that interest me. Knitting, gaming, nail art, those sorts of things. Husband and I are going out to dinner more so expect the occasional foodie blog post with pictures.


How has your writing been?

Writing Update for January 23, 2015.

coollogo_com-1761011869 (1)It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I didn’t work on any stories over December. Pushing myself in NaNoWriMo really knocked me for a loop and with the holidays, I didn’t think I could give them my full attention, so I focused more on my blog content.

Speaking of blogs, I now write articles for Gaiam TV. I had one come out around the beginning of the New Year, and another a week back. Its right up my alley too as most of the content I’ll be writing there I write here already.

So let’s get on with the update…

Novel: Down Finnegan’s Hollow

I did complete NaNo’s 50k limit wit this, but the story wasn’t finished. At least not until the end of the first week of January. There was only less than 10k left to write so it took about a week to finish up. It’s going away for now, at least until I finish up a few more WIPs.

Word count: 51,000

Novel: The Saints of Belvedere Road

I finished the revision I started several months ago, but I think I’ll take one more pass at it when the other WIPs are done, just to make sure I’ve connected it to the series, but I’ve read this over so many times I’m almost sick of it.

Novel: Survival Rules

I was chomping at the bit to get back to this story. I don’t know, there’s something about this book that’s really caught me. This will need some serious revisions when I’m finished as I keep writing in things as I go. You could say this is a zombie novel, but I don’t want too. I’m trying hard to keep from using that word in this book.

I’m at chapter eleven and there’s at least five or six more chapters to write. Depending on what pops up to chase my characters.

Word count: 64,304

Novel: Book 6 of paranormal series

I have about three chapters written on this. I’m still torn whether or not to write a second companion novel, or include the chapter I’ve already written, into the sixth book.  I think I have three more books in this series and then, that’s it. I’m not going to work on it until the other two are finished, so it might be late spring by the time I get to it. That’s fine with me. I’m in no hurry

Writing Update for July, 25, 2014

writingJuly is almost over. Wow, time sure does fly by…

Book Five: The Prophecies of Mortals:

I do believe this book is almost ready. A couple more stops and then it’ll be good to go. I’m still looking at a late autumn/early winter release date, but at least I know things are going to be good with this.


Book Six: Awaken the Herald

I’ve got a couple chapters written on this. I’ve been lax on this one, focusing more on the companion novel, but I’d still like to get the first draft of this and another companion novel done by the end of summer. Maybe even the end of October. That would give me piles of time to edit and what not.


Companion Novels: The Saints of Belvedere Road

I’ve finished the second round of revisions and I’m going to leave it alone for now. I did change some things with the plot but I need to pin-point the locations more.


Novel: Slaughter Rules

I’ve got a few chapters down on this. I’ve been poking at it on weekends and such. It’s third in my writing cue, right behind Awaken the Herald and the second companion novel.


Script: Marked

Speaking of poking at things, I finished the second revision on my script. It needs one more, I thought of something to make the motivation for one of the bad guys more plausible, I just have to write it in now. Still not sure what I’m going to do with it when it’s done.


So how is your writing coming along

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