How to Align with Planetary Energies: Neptune & Pluto

In this last post on aligning with planetary energies, I want to delve into the farthest planets in our solar system, Neptune and Pluto. Along with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered the Transpersonal Planets. Because their orbits around the sun is mapped out in hundreds of years, their effect is generational instead of personal. Their energy vibrates at a higher octave and influence the spiritual activities and qualities of our being, and like Uranus, I advise only those who are more experienced should use these energies.



The penal gland is thought to be ruled by Neptune, which gives it credence to influencing mystical and even psychic abilities. The energy of Neptune can help you transcend the physical world, and help to dissolve the boundaries between this world and the spiritual. It is an energy that helps us to understand the hidden parts of the universe and its secrets and because of this, it’s thought to be the most difficult to comprehend because it presides over the aspects of the universe that are unclear or imaginary. The best way to utilize Neptune energy is to ask for understanding of something, instead of invoking straight out, as too much energy, or an inexperienced person might succumb to the negative effects. I cannot end this segment without a cautionary note. Drugs and alcohol addiction are thought to be a cause of too much of Neptune’s influence.


Crystals associated with Neptune

Celestite, fluorite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, sapphire, covellite, and larimar

Neptune is associated with 6th or Brow or Third Eye Chakra



The smallest planet in our solar system (and yes, I consider it a planet), Pluto energy is about transformation, rebirth, and regeneration, and like the other Transpersonal planets, its effect can be experienced over the generations. With Pluto, we can purge, reflect, and transform. It allows us to take an honest look at ourselves and accept and let go of personal things we wish to hang on to. A vital step when it comes to the first steps of change of any kind. These are very powerful abilities and one should be very careful when using the energy of Pluto.

Crystals associated with Pluto

Kunzite, jet, tourmalated quartz, and labradorite.

Pluto is associated with the 2nd or the Sacral Chakra

How to Align with Planetary Energies; Saturn and Uranus

Continuing with our journey through the solar system, the next two planets I wish to discuss are Saturn and Uranus. The second and third largest of the gas planets in our solar system, the energy of Saturn and Uranus are complete opposites of each other. Tapping into their energy either separately or together, can bring about changes within us that can move the world.



Saturn, the second gas giant of our solar system can be seen as pragmatic. Ice chunks and dust particles in orbit around the planet form the beautiful rings we can see through our telescopes here on earth. The rings can serve as a constant reminder of the gravitational pull and stability this planet controls. We, in turn, can utilize Saturn’s energy to bring about our own stability in our life. Use this energy to bring discipline, control and structure into our lives. Slow and steady wins the race with Saturn’s energy guiding you, but we also must understand that control can also mean things don’t happen right away, but when they’re supposed to.

Crystals associated with Saturn

Apache tear*, hematite, brown jasper, obsidian, salt, black tourmaline.

Saturn is associated with the First or Root Chakra.

*Apache Tear stone is a translucent glob of obsidian stone and more recognized for good luck, but because of its nature, can hold the same association as obsidian.*



With its attention-seeking name (the proper way to pronounce this name in ur-a-nus), the seventh planet in our solar system has been relegated to nothing more than puns, but the energy of this planet is nothing to joke about. Uranus is one of three planets that holds sway not only over us personally, but generational.  It’s thought to influence society as a whole instead of by person. Uranus energy is chaotic, rebellious, even revolutionary. Use the energy of Uranus to delve into un-conventional ideas or inspirations or to find alternative resolutions to a problem.

**A note of caution; because of the intensity of Uranus, it is strongly recommended that those who are inexperienced with using planetary energies, should NOT work with this energy until they are more experienced in handling all planetary energies.**


Crystals associated with Uranus

Flourite, topaz(gold), moldavite, meteorite, all colours of Tourmaline (except black), snowflake obsidian.

Uranus is associated with the Seventh or Crown Chakra

How to Align with Planetary Energies; Mars and Jupiter

We are creatures of unlimited possibilities. Our passion and determination can help us achieve our goals in life. We have the ambition and drive to put our ideas into motion, and strive to accomplish our dreams. It’s no coincidence that the next two planets I want to look at can have a strong influence on our abilities to successfully navigate and fulfil those goals, and can help us form the foundations for bringing success into our lives.


Like the sun, Mars is another energetic planet. Thought of as a ‘fiery’ planet because of its colour, Mars energy can help us with our actions, or the actual performing of a task. Mars energy is assertive, goal oriented and forceful. Use it to help resolve a problem or pushing forward to complete a project. Draw on its energy to bolster courage, gain confidence and make yourself heard.

Crystals associated with Mars

Bloodstone, garnet, lava*, ruby, sard, sardonyx, red tourmaline,

Mars is associated with the third or Throat Chakra

*Be careful when searching for lava stones on your own. Visitors to Hawaii have reported misfortunes after taking rocks from the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park.



As the largest of the planets, Jupiter holds some sway over the gravitational pull of the solar system. Only the sun has greater influence. Jupiter is the planet of expansion; of wisdom, aspiration and of higher learning. We expand our bodies, souls and minds with the energy of Jupiter and concern ourselves with the ‘bigger picture’. Use the energy of Jupiter to learn more, magnify our experiences or when seek the truth.

Crystals associated with Jupiter

Amethyst, lepidolite, and sugilite.

It’s interesting to note that all three stones mention come in various colours of purple, which is the same colour associated with the planet.

Jupiter is associated with the fifth or Solar Plexus Chakra.

If you wish to enhance it even more, there are certain times of the day that are best suited for each planet. It’s different for each part of the world, so I have included a link to the chart that I use to determine the planetary hour. You can edit the city, country and time to your specific area.


How to Align With Planetary Energies: Venus and the Moon

We are all connected to the universe. Every molecule in our body was, at some point, part of something else. Matter and energy cannot be destroyed, but they can transform into something new. We also can do this by using the energy of the universe to help us transform into something new, or help us to change something of ourselves, like a negative aspect, into something positive.

In my last article I talked about the energies of the Sun and Mercury. In this article, I want to discuss Venus and the Moon.




Venus has been known for centuries as the goddess of love and beauty. The energies of this planet can help you connect and bring harmony and attraction into your life. Use the energy of Venus to help you understand and learn behaviours that will attract a harmonious atmosphere. Venus can help to be more charismatic with your words or actions, or you can utilize it on an internal level and bring balance to your personal energy.

Carry small trinkets that remind you of harmony and balance.

Crystals Associated with Venus:

Lodestones, sodalite, kunzite, turquoise, and blue tourmaline. Watermelon tourmaline is said to balance the projective and receptive personal energies within our bodies.

Venus is associated with the forth or heart Chakra



The Moon

Next to the sun, the moon is the only other celestial body that affects u on a daily basis. The tides are ruled by the moon, and as our bodies are 70 percent water it would be understand able if the moon’s pull affects us in the same way. The moon governs our emotions and our emotional state. Use the moon’s energies to connect with the feminine side of ourselves, our emotional, nurturing side that is associated with the female gender.

Crystals associated with the Moon:

Moonstone, chalcedony, blue and smoky quartz, and sapphire.

The moon is associated with the seventh or Crown Chakra.

If you wish to enhance it even more, there are certain times of the day that are best suited for each planet. It’s different for each part of the world, so I have included a link to the chart that I use to determine the planetary hour. You can edit the city, country and time to your specific area.

How to Align with Planetary Energy

Astrology is one of the world’s oldest sciences. It’s brushed off by many as nonsense but many more believe that our lives can be enhanced by the positions of the stars in our lives. One way this can be accomplished is by tuning our minds into the planetary energies. Each planet holds a different energy aspect and we can strengthen our own resolve by focusing in on each.

With meditation, we focus on calming our mind and opening ourselves up to the knowledge of the universe, yet if we take a few moments and focus in on a certain planet, we can reap the benefit of the energy or aspect that it represents. We can influence everything from our thoughts, to transforming ourselves, to our beliefs, but it won’t happen overnight. As with most processes where our aim is to change or enhance our life, it takes time.

I’ve found that meditating for just a short period of time focusing on our planetary body is sufficient.

To start; meditate as you normally do. If you’ve never tried to meditate, I suggest getting some practise in first before attempting this exercise. Having a focused mind is essential.

When you are in a calm state, envision the planet above your head, in orbit in space. Picture it in your mind. I’ve used a photo on my laptop to get a clear image in my mind. see the planet in all its glory; see the planet shimmer and pulse with energy. Each planet has a corresponding colour. See the planet shimmer and pulse with that colour as well. Now picture a beam of light in the corresponding colour shoot out from the planet and shine down on you. Feel the energy of the planet cover your body. Sit in this glow for five or ten minutes.

When you’re ready, see the beam of light rise back up toward the planet.

It’s a very simple procedure. To keep the planet’s energy with you throughout the day, carry a small trinket of some kind that represents the planet. Crystal are very good to reinforce the planetary energies.

Over the next few articles, I will introduce you to the planetary energies and information on how to use it. In this first article, I will introduce you to the Sun and Mercury.



The giver of life, the sun is at the heart of our lives on a daily basis. We cannot live without the sun, and it’s no surprise that it represents the vitality of life. It is the center of our world, and when we welcome the sun’s energy, we are welcoming our own strength, vitality and personal power.

To keep the sun’s energy with you all through the day, consider carrying or wearing a stone or crystal associated with this planet.

Crystals Associated with the Sun:

Amber, carnelian, citrine, quartz crystal, diamond, pipestone, sunstone, tiger eye, zircon. Orange stones are also associated with the sun. PLEASE NOTE; the sunstone, while aptly named, is used more to enhance sexual energy.

The sun is also associated with the third or throat Chakra



The closest planet to the sun, Mercury is the fastest of the celestial bodies taking eighty-eight days for one whole rotation around the sun. Seen as the messenger of the gods, Mercury represents communication in all aspects. If you wish to communicate with someone, focusing on Mercury’s energy. If you cannot find the proper words to express yourself, use the energy of Mercury to clear the fog and say what is on your mind. Any and all forms of communication. You will find the words to express yourself with the Mercury’s energy.

Crystals associated with Mercury:

Agate, aventurine, mottled jasper, mica pumice. Yellow stones are associated with communications and can be used to help to channel Mercury’s energy.

Mercury is also associated with the fifth or Solar Plexus Chakra.

If you wish to enhance it even more, there are certain times of the day that are best suited for each planet. It’s different for each part of the world, so I have included a link to the chart that I use to determine the planetary hour. You can edit the city, country and time to your specific area.

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